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How to Quickly Forward an Email with Selected Attachments Only via Outlook VBA

When forwarding an Outlook email that has attachments, at times, you may want to only keep selected attachments instead of all. Now, in this article, we'll teach you how to quickly forward a mail with selected attachments only. In the standard way, when you forward an Outlook email, all original attachments will be forwarded. However, at times, you only wish to forward some attachments instead of all. Generally, you can forward the email as usual and then delete the unwanted attachments...

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How to Auto Apply the Current View of a Folder to Its Subfolders in Outlook

When you create a folder in Outlook, the folder will automatically use the default view configured in Outlook natively. But, if you want to auto apply the current view of the folder to its new subfolders, you can use the method introduced in this post. Perhaps you've customized the views of "Inbox" and "Sent Items" folders in your Outlook. Then, when you create new subfolders under the two folders, you may want to apply the parent folders' views to the subfolders. In general, you have to...

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How to Batch Find and Replace Text in All Tasks in Your Outlook

If you would like to find and replace specific texts in all Outlook tasks, you can make use of the method shared in this article. It can accomplish this task in one go. To find and replace specific text in one task, you can directly trigger "Find and Replace" feature via "Ctrl + H" key shortcut. However, if you want to process all Outlook tasks in one go, you'd better utilize the following method. It can save you from finding and replacing text one by one manually, which is too...

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