File Recovery

How to Recover Embedded Objects in Outlook Emails

This post provides you with infallible tips on how to recover embedded objects in Outlook emails and how to access the recovered files. MS Outlook is widely used for email communication. Information can be shared as text messages, attachments, or embedded objects. Embedded objects allow you to match documents with the relevant information on your email body. This allows recipients to interact with your documents with ease. To embed documents in an email body, tap the ‘Insert’ tab...

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2 Methods to Recover a Corrupt Outlook File That is Password Protected

Learn about the challenges associated with recovering a password-protected Outlook file and two possible methods you can use to access your data. If you want to ensure extra protection over your PST files, you can create a password for them. This limits access to PST files and ensures only those with the password can open. This way, an unauthorized person will not be able to tamper with such files. Unfortunately, it becomes hard to open these files if the password is lost. Worse still,...

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How to Fix Outlook Error “The File Could not Be Found”

This article examines the causes of the error “The file could not be found” and possible ways of fixing it. MS Outlook is a very popular email client software around the world. This is because of its reliability and ease of use. Once in a while, users face some challenges when using this software. For instance, when the application doesn’t operate properly, users get error messages. The good news is that these errors can be fixed. What causes the error This error message...

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