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How to Change the Default Reminder Time for Birthday Events in Your Outlook

Have you noted that the reminder for birthday events is 15 minutes before the event by default? If you want to change it, you can use the following method introduced in this article. Some users complain that the birthday events often warn them late at night. It is because that the default reminder is 15 minutes before the birthday events and these events are scheduled to start from 12 midnight. This is quite annoying. So, many users hope to change the default reminder time for such events....

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How to Auto Track Deleted Databases in SQL Server

Using SQL Server's Schema Changes History we can identify the name of databases that were dropped from the SQL Server. In a big SQL Server environment, connecting to each Schema Changes History of every SQL Server instance is a very difficult task. In this article, we will learn how to automatically track deleted databases. Multi options There are several options with which you can track a database getting deleted from your SQL Server instance. Option1: Log data from the system table...

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How to Number Records in Your Access Forms and Reports to Make Them More Organized

Numbering is one of the easiest ways of organizing data and in this article we apply the concept to on Access Forms and Reports Numbering or ranking data plays an important role in keeping records sorted and organized. And people often prefer arranging their Access reports and forms with numbering entries to gain an easy access to a particular subject. Numbering entries also come in handy if the user is looking for a particular range data. These steps can be used by casual as well as...

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