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How to Batch Hide or Show All Embedded Objects in Your Outlook Email

At times, when viewing an email in Outlook, you may want to batch hide all objects inserted to see texts only. Here this article will teach you how to realize it with VBA. You must have ever received an email which contains many images or tables in body. More often than, too many such embedded objects will disturb you viewing the textual contents of the email. Hence, at this time, you would like to batch hide them and get them back later after finishing viewing the texts. Now, thereinafter,...

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8 Tips to Make Best Use of Network Attached Storage (NAS) Devices

Network Attached Storage (NAS) is beneficial to users in multiple aspects, including file sharing, data backup, etc. Due to this fact, more and more users start to use it. In this article, we will list 8 tips to help users get the most out of it. Network Attached Storage (NAS) is exactly a way to attach hard drive to network, thereby making the drive accessible to all of your devices, such as Desktop PCs or laptops. It can make data management much more convenient and efficient and improve...

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4 Key Scenarios where Data Mining Capacities in SQL Server Can be Used

The article stresses on the relevance of data mining capacities in SQL server and some of its key scenarios. Data mining is basically a smart predictive analytics tool or machine learning feature which is used to discover the data patterns. It’s used for various purposes and there are many approaches for development of data mining models. Users can also access the time, effort and other resources that are required for data mining models. Forecasting and other applications The...

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