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5 Essential Things You Must Consider when Choosing RAID Level

If you intend to set up RAID, perhaps you have known that there are multiple RAID levels, like RAID 0, 1, 5 and 10, etc. Hence, the first step to use RAID is to choose a suitable RAID level. This article will guide you to consider 5 vital things in selection. So-called RAID refers to redundant array of independent disks. It is an advanced data storage technology that can combine several physical drives into one logical unit. It's blazing convenient for the users that require a great amount...

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How to Auto Disable the Hyperlinks in Incoming Outlook Emails from Unknown Senders

So as to block malicious links, you'd better configure your Outlook to auto disable the hyperlinks in incoming emails from unknown senders. This article will reveal a piece of VBA codes that can help you get it like a cork. Many users have complained that email borne viruses attacked their Outlook file. More often than not, it is because that they readily trust in those emails from the unknown senders. So they download or click in the hyperlinks in the mails. Now, thereinafter, we will...

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How to Batch Find & Replace Text in All Tasks’ Subjects in Your Outlook

After you import multiple tasks from an external file, if you want to batch change the specific text in the tasks' subjects, you can utilize the smart "Find & Replace" feature introduced in this article. Sometimes, you may need to batch change multiple tasks' subjects. For instance, you received an Excel file that contains a stack of tasks. Thus, you import them to your Outlook and move them to corresponding Task folders. Yet, afterwards, you feel that many tasks' subjects have specific...

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