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How to Use Generally Available Transactional Replication for Azure SQL Databases

In this article, we will some advanced features offered by Azure SQL Database, how they can be used effectively to migrate between different databases. Good news for SQL users, now the transactional replication feature of Azure SQL Database is generally available in SQL Server. Users can use this generally available transactional replication to migrate to Azure in minimal downtime from their on-premises system’s SQL Server Database. It is also being noted that this generally available...

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5 Primary Reasons & Solutions for Unbootable Cloned Drive

When replacing a computer drive, so as to avoid reinstalling system and programs, you may opt to directly clone the old drive to the new one. However, after that, your computer may be unable to boot from the cloned new drive. This post will unveil 5 top reasons and solutions for this issue. At times, you may need to replace the hard drive in your computer. For example, the original drive is too old and tends to fail, so as to avoid data loss, like corrupt Outlook data, you wish to replace...

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