File Recovery

5 Primary Reasons & Solutions for Unbootable Cloned Drive

When replacing a computer drive, so as to avoid reinstalling system and programs, you may opt to directly clone the old drive to the new one. However, after that, your computer may be unable to boot from the cloned new drive. This post will unveil 5 top reasons and solutions for this issue. At times, you may need to replace the hard drive in your computer. For example, the original drive is too old and tends to fail, so as to avoid data loss, like corrupt Outlook data, you wish to replace...

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How to Auto Print the Status Report of an Outlook Task after Marking It Complete

After you mark a task complete, apart from sending the status report to someone, you may also wish to print the status report. Thus, in this article, we will expose an approach to auto print the status report of a task when it's completed. After you open a task, you'll discover a "Send Status Report" button on "Task" tab. It permits you to send a status report about the current task to someone. As long as you click it, a new Outlook mail will be displayed. The email body will contain the...

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How to Quickly Insert Recipient Names to Email Body in Your Outlook

If you would like to quickly insert the recipient names to the body when composing an email, you can read this article. Here we will introduce you a convenient method. At times, you may need to input the names of all recipients to the body when you are composing an email. Undoubtedly, it's considerably tedious and cumbersome to extract and insert the names to body one by one manually. Therefore, in order to help you accomplish it rapidly, here we'll share you an efficient means. Read on to...

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