File Recovery

5 Tips to Prepare All Your Devices and Data for Power Failure

It is known that power failure, including power outage and surge, can damage our devices and data, like computer, laptop and phone, etc. Thus, it is greatly necessary to prepare them for an unexpected power failure. This post will share 5 tricks in this respect. In the article – "How Can Power Failure Endanger Your Computer Data", you can learn the most risks which power failure can be posed to your computer data. So, it is recommended for us to make some precaution to prepare all your...

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How to Batch Change All Contacts Folders to Show Total Number of Items via Outlook VBA

Unlike mail folders, the items in Contacts folders have no attribute about "read" or "unread". Therefore, many users wish to let Contacts folders show total number of its items rather than number of unread items. Now, this article will share a method to batch process all Contacts folders. By default, all Outlook folders show the number of unread items only. However, since the contacts don’t have the property of "read" or "unread", you may want to change all Contacts folders to show total...

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How to Auto Add Watermark to Confidential Emails before Sending Them in Outlook

Generally, most businesses demand their staff to add watermark to every outgoing confidential emails. Yet, it is a bit troublesome to add watermark to email because Outlook doesn’t provide such a direct feature. So, this article will show you a smart way to get it. Like the confidential Word documents that commonly contain the "Confidential" watermark, multiple Outlook users are accustomed to adding such watermark to confidential emails as well. Nevertheless, they think that it is too...

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