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4 Effective Ways to Distribute Rows and Columns Evenly in Your Word Table

In this article, we want to offer you 4 effective ways to distribute rows and columns evenly in your Word table. By default, when you insert a table, row height and column width are distributed evenly. But as you input texts and numeric data into table cells, each row and column takes different height and width. This diminishes visual effect more or less. Therefore, we are delighted to show you approach to distribute tows and columns evenly. Method 1: Distribute Rows and Columns with...

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2 Smart Ways to Show All Bookmarks in Your Word Document

In this article, we would like to provide you with 2 smart ways to show all bookmarks in your Word document. Every once in a while, we insert bookmark for a selection of text that we want to revisit later. But the nature of bookmark in Word makes it uneasy to identify. In another word, we can’t view bookmarks directly without toggling some options in Word.     This article is devoted to helping you see bookmarks in a clear way. You can pick either way to practice. Method 1: Show...

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5 Useful Tips to Adjust Column Width in Your Word Table

In this article, we will demonstrate you 5 useful tips you can apply to adjusting column width in your Word table. While managing Word tables, it’s common to adjust the width of one or several columns. Given to this fact, we want to discuss 5 smart tips associated to column width adjustment, each applicable to different scenario. Case 1: Adjust the Width of One Column without Affecting Others In the first case, we will offer 3 methods to resize one specific column but affecting no...

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