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How to Quickly Delete Multiple Pages in Your Word Document via VBA

In this article, we will focus on demonstrating you of how to delete multiple pages in your Word document via VBA. Drafting a document requires adjustments all the time. And deleting pages of contents is just as necessary as other modifications. To remove useless texts is easy. Most people choose to make a selection and then press either “Delete” or “Backspace” shall do the task. This certainly will get you what you want. But there is a quicker to do so. What’s more, you skip...

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How to Find Different Texts and Replace with the Same One in Your Word Document

In this article, we will introduce you the way to find different texts and replace with the same one in your Word document. This article is about how to extend the built-in “Find and Replace” function. So you can find different texts at one time instead of repeating multiple times. And in our previous article, we’ve discussed the approach to find and replace multiple items. You can follow this link to check more: How to Find and Replace Multiple Items in Your Word Document The...

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How to Print Images and Shapes Only in Your Word Document via VBA

In the following post, we would like to offer you the way to print images and shapes only in your Word document via VBA. A Word document can both contain text and images, as well as shapes, such as text boxes. Together they make a professional document. However, there are times when just part of them is needed while printing. It can be to print only text or images and shapes. Sadly, there is no direct built-in function in Word to do so. But, you can always utilize VBA codes to perform...

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