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4 Tips to Help You Move beyond Access Data Projects

In this article, we explain you the alternatives when working with Access Data Projects. MS Access in its recent and updated version is not providing support for Access Data Projects (ADP) however, the older editions of the application will continue supporting ADP. For users of the application, it is important to know the alternatives if they plan to update their access application. But before we proceed towards suggesting you the alternatives, there are certain basics you need to...

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How to Completely Remove an Access Database

In this article, we look at removing an Access database project completely including how to remove registry entries. MS Access like many of the other Microsoft applications is extremely versatile and useful for businesses of all sizes. It is the kind of applications that can be used in different ways depending on the kind of business and its needs. Unlike MS Word and MS Excel which are usually used for similar kind of functions across different organizations. In a small business, MS Access...

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How to Apply a Custom Ribbon to a Form or Report in Access

Here we understand the steps of applying a custom ribbon to a form or report in MS Access. The reports or forms that we use in MS Access are customized to a large extent so that they work well with the kind of database we have. And to make these objects even more relevant to your database, you can add to them customized ribbons as well. These ribbons make use of declarative XML markup that is text-based and is used for simplifying the process of creating and adding customizations to the...

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