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How to Easily Move Worksheets from One Workbook to Another with Excel VBA

If you want to move sheets from one workbook to other workbooks, follow this article and create your own tool to automate the task. Quickly select necessary sheets and copy it swiftly to all other target workbooks Let's Prepare the GUI This tool needs a single sheet in the macro-enabled workbook. Rename the Sheet 1 in the workbook as "ControlPanel". As shown in the image, create necessary fields to allow the user to pick the source workbook, display sheets from the selected workbook and an...

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How to Easily Manage, Track and Split the Tasks of Your Project in Excel

If you are a project manager, this article will help you to easily plan and track tasks in your project and instantly assign a task to your employees. Split the master file and share it with each employee. Download Now If you want to start to use the software as soon as possible, then you can: Download the Software Now Otherwise, if you want to DIY, you can read the contents below. Let’s Prepare the GUI For this tool, we need a macro enabled workbook with 2 sheets. Rename sheet1 as...

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How to Update an Excel Worksheet Periodically with a VBA Timer

This article shows how to refresh a worksheet or chart at regular intervals. This exercise builds a timer that refreshes the worksheet every one minute, reflecting changes in the source data. This article assumes the reader has the Developer ribbon displayed and is familiar with the VBA Editor. If not, please Google "Excel Developer Tab" or "Excel Code Window". An example of the workbook used in this exercise can be found here. Uses of dynamic reporting might be: Reading the...

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