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12 Advantages & Disadvantages of Using SD Card in Smartphone

SD card has been widely used nowadays. Some users intend to use a SD card in their smartphones but still wonder the exact advantages and disadvantages. Thus, in this article, we will list out the 12 pros and cons of using SD card in phone in detail. As we all know, SD card is a kind of small storage medium. It has been preferred by many users in the contemporary era due to its small size and other merits. Yet, it doesn't mean that SD card is flawless. To be honest, it also has some...

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What Will Happen if USB Flash Drive Is NOT Removed Safely?

As we all know, it is highly suggested to remove the external device from computer with the "Safe to Remove Hardware" option. This post will tell you what will occur if a USB flash drive is not ejected safely. USB flash drive has been used by a great amount of users due to its portability. To access it, you need to connect it with your computer, which is blazing easy. Yet, when using a USB flash drive, you may make a critical mistake. You may be used to unplugging the drive without using the...

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