Email Recovery

What to Do If Computer Freezes During Data Backup?

Many users have complained that their computers are prone to freeze during data backup. Have you ever encountered similar situations? Now, in this article, we will tell users what to do in such cases. There is no denying that making regular data backups is considerably important in data protection. For example, in case of Outlook corruption, if you have backed up PST files, you can easily recover PST data from backup. Therefore, more and more users have understood the significance of backup....

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Is It OK to Restore a Disk Image to a Different Computer?

In some cases, you may want to restore a disk image of one computer to another computer. But, is it right? This article will discuss about this question in depth. As we all know, it is advisable to make a disk image before any great changes on your computer, like system reinstallation, disk formatting and so on. Disk image is actually an exact replica of your PC. Thereby, it can help you a lot in the event of system crash or data loss, like PST corruption. You can just restore the disk image...

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How to Batch Find and Replace Text in Multiple Outlook Emails

By default, Outlook doesn't support you to find and replace text in multiple emails at the same time. Therefore, if you want to do it, you can refer to this article. Here we will teach you how to realize it via VBA code. For example, you have finished several emails in Outlook. Before you send them out, you discover some mistakes and want to modify some texts in these emails. In general, you have to perform 'Find and Replace" in each email one by one. Yet, it's too cumbersome. Thus here...

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