Outlook Express DBX File Recovery

4 Good Habits to Prevent Data Loss in Outlook Express

Outlook Express can contain a lot of important information – messages, contacts, and even calendar events – that you don’t want to lose. To prevent data loss in Outlook Express you need to regularly clean up your folders, remove large files, and create backups. The best way to prevent data loss from accidentally deleted e-mails or corrupt DBX files in Outlook Express is to make sure that you develop the following four good habits. 1. Don’t have an overstuffed Inbox If you...

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5 Reasons to Invest in Outlook Express Repair Tool

Find out why DataNumen Outlook Express Repair Tool is the leading recovery software for dbx and mbx files, whether you are using it for personal or commercial data recovery. Although Microsoft discontinued active support for Outlook Express mail service, there are still tones of critical dbx and mbx files out there. These could be important business communication or client records retained to fulfill regulatory requirements. Therefore, if you are in the data recovery business, this is a...

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A Whole New Outlook

The far and away leader in business emailing platforms is the powerful Microsoft Outlook. This email service offers the standard array of emailing options along with many more that are rarely incorporated into the average users communications. Recent third party software developments also provide a significant resource in maintaining proper Outlook operations. Some of these may only be useful to those whose business activities involve high quantities of daily email trafficking,, but others...

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