Outlook Data Recovery

Hardware vs Software RAID: Which Is Better for You?

Hardware redundant array of inexpensive disks (RAID) and software RAID are two main ways for setting up RAID system. Many are confused about which is better. Actually, both have pros and cons. This article will guide you to make a good choice. Nowadays, redundant array of inexpensive disks (RAID) has become a more and more popular data storage technology for both individuals and businesses. It can combine multiple physical disks into a single logical unit. Thereby, it can provide users with...

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How to Auto Dismiss or Snooze Popup Reminders after Several Minutes in Outlook

Sometimes, you are so busy that the popup Outlook reminders are always left aside. At that time, you’ll wish that Outlook can auto dismiss or snooze the reminder after it has displayed for several minutes. Now this article will teach you to realize it. Generally, Outlook reminder will be closed completely until you select “Dismiss” or “Snooze” in the popup Reminder dialog box. However, at times, you may be too busy to deal with the reminder at once. In such cases, maybe you will...

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7 Mistakes You Must Avoid in DIY Data Recovery

To be honest, there are some risks involved with DIY data recovery. Therefore, if you would like to attempt data recovery on your own, you had better firstly refer to this article. We will show you 7 common mistakes which you must avoid. Generally, when a hard drive fails, users tend to firstly try to fix it and recover the data like damaged PST data by themselves, instead of resorting to professionals at once. Such data recovery refers to DIY data recovery. Nevertheless, due to the lack of...

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