Exchange OST File Recovery

A Quick Overview of Integration of Exchange E-discovery with Sharepoint

In this article we explain the benefits of the integration between MS Exchange and SharePoint, how it will enable the user to search and preserve content, manage cases, and export discovery data. In the 2016 edition of Exchange Server, the users are provided with support to integrate with SharePoint Server. This integration will enable the Discovery Manager to make use of the e-Discovery center in SharePoint for the following purposes: Searching and Preserving Content from Similar...

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2 Logging Options for E-discovery in Exchange Server

In this article we discuss about the logging options in Ms Exchange and their specific usefulness. You need to search for an In-Place e-Discovery, in order to find your content in all the mailboxes as well as public folders in your MS Exchange server. With the help of this, you can look for files and folders that have been permanently deleted or removed, or the original versions of the files which have been changed or modified at a later date. Things to Keep in Mind Before You Commence the...

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A Quick Overview of Administrator Audit Logging in Exchange

In this article we look at administrator audit logging in Ms Exchange in depth and understand its working Administrator Audit Logging permits you to log in if an administrator or any other user modifies or makes changes in MS Exchange. You can then store a record of these changes and track the person who was responsible for the said changes. These can further be used for checking if your organization is in adherence to the regulatory mandates. You can request for troubleshoots and discovery...

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