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Sponsored by DataNumen - Best File Recovery Software in the World. Now you can create your own ChatGPT by defining its characteristics! Usage: 1. Define the ChatGPT Character: Click "Advanced Options". Choose one of the following characters: A friendly AI assistant(Default) A cute girl An elegant scholar An omniscient professor Define your own The first 4 characters are predefined. If you choose the fifth character "Define your own", then you can define your own...

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喜欢下面的文学作品吗?这些都是ChatGPT创作的。 春 春风吹拂万物醒, 花开花落又一年。 燕子飞来啼新绿, 蝴蝶舞去舞春烟。 桃花梨花争艳丽, 杨柳梅花一色鲜。 山水画卷春意浓,...

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