How to Add a Check Box to a Table Column in MS Access

In this article, we will teach our readers to efficiently insert a Check Box to a Table Column in MS Access.

Check Box is a user interface function or control which is used to provide an intuitive, quick way to select a logical data value. For instance, if a field consists of two potential values (‘Yes’ and ‘No’) or (‘Off’ or ‘On’), the Check Box makes it easier for the users to select these values. Check Box control also provides users with a quick access to collect important information. It provides a graphical representation of the two options making it easy to read and use.Steps To Add A Check Box To A Table Column In MS Access

There are two ways using which a user can add a Check Box in MS Access database:

  • By directly binding the Check Box in the underlying table with its column.
  • Or by setting up the Check Box on the form as unbound control and then using VBA code or macros to insert appropriate values in the table.

Steps to Add a Check Box to a Table Column in MS Access

In this section, you will learn to add Check Box in a Table column through a step by step procedure.

  • Step 1: If a user wants to bind Check Box with a table, he/she needs to bind it to the field using special data types first. So, our first step will be to add a related column in the Table. Before starting the process make sure to close all the tables and forms and then the table in which you want to add the Check Box in Design View.
  • Add A New Column And Select Its Data Type As 'Yes/No'Step 2: Now the user can add a new column in the table and then he/she can select its data type as ‘Yes/No’. Users can keep all the others settings at default.
  • Step 3: Save and close all these changes in the table and open its Form Control. Now as this form was made before the new column was added in the table, users will have to add the same column in the form.

If a user adds a new column to a table and then creates a form based on the respective table, then Access automatically adds it to the form.

Note: If a user skips adding the column in the form the changes will not be reflected in the form.

  • Step 4: With the form displayed in the Design View, users need to select Design Item from the ribbon bar. Then click on Add Existing Fields.
  • Step 5: When the list of the given table appears on the screen, users can drag the new column and insert it in the form.
  • Step 6: Now save the updates column in the form. Make sure to recheck the changing by opening the form in Form View.

Congratulation your Check Box has been added to your Table Column.

Note: Users can also change the Check Box structure and control to a toggle button or to option button. In order to implement these changes users need to right click on the Check Box, then select Change To > Click on Toggle Button (or Option Button) according to the preference.

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  1. i set up a checkbox to populate a date in another column. when i check the box i does populate the date but for the entire column. not jus the row i checked?

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