8 Main Reasons for Bad Sectors on Hard Drive

Bad sector on the hard drive can make this part unavailable for data storage. Today we will discuss the reasons behind the bad sectors. Thus you can take precautions to prevent it.

Hard drives with bad sectors are basic hard drive failures which have a great impact on the data storage. To prevent bad sectors, you need to know what can cause this problem. Otherwise, you may be helpless when coming across corrupted pst. Thus, here are top 8 factors we summarized and hope it can help you.

bad sectors on hard drive


Hard drives work well in the temperature between 20~25℃. So overheating will make crystal oscillator clock change frequently. And it will also cause damage to the internal hardware. Thus you should keep your hard drive far away from heating and take effective cooling measures.


You must know that every hard drive have an expected life span. If your hard drive has been used for a long time, the internal hardware might age seriously, which will cause bad sectors too.

3.File System Error

File system error can cause bad sectors on the hard drives. If your file system gets compromised, then logical errors may occur and finally lead to bad sectors on the hard drives.

4.Virus/Malware Attack

Virus or malware are one of the most annoying things that every computer users want to avoid. It can hurt the disk of the hard drives as well. Therefore, you should enable powerful anti-virus software and other security methods to protect your data.

5.Shut off Computer Improperly

Hard drive is in a high-speed operation state when working. And the drive head stays in different locations on the disk to read data. Thus if you shut off your computer suddenly, then the drive head will be forced to back in situ. And in this process, drive head is likely to rub against the disk, which could lead to bad sectors directly. Therefore, you should build a good habit of shutting off computer correctly.

6.Shaking or Knocking

Although many vendors have enabled the function of shock resistant, it doesn’t mean you no longer need to worry about shaking or knocking. This still is one of the biggest causes of hard drive failures. Excessive collisions can lead to head fracture, especially when the drive is working.

7.Static Electricity

When you need to touch the drive, you ought to grasp both sides of the hard drive other than touch the circuit board. Because if static electricity occurs when you touch the drive, then problems will follow soon. Static electricity can damage many computer accessories including hard drives.


Dust is the number one killer for hard drives. As the drive head is very close to the disk, if any dust fall into the disk, bad sectors will follow soon as well. Besides, dust accumulated on the internal circuit components can also affect heat dissipation.

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