7 Top Reasons Why Data Recovery from Backups Fails

It can be quite frustrating if you fail to recover data from data backups. This article will look at the issue and unveil the 7 most common reasons behind it.

As we all know, making regular data backups is of great importance in that data backups will play a great role in future data recovery in the event of data disaster. For instance, if your PST file gets corrupted for some reasons, you will be likely to find PST data inaccessible. In this case, if you have backed up the PST file recently, to recover PST data will be quite convenient. However, sometimes, you may still fail to successfully restore data from backups. Such cases can result from various factors. Here we will expose the 7 top ones to you. Read on to get them in detail.

7 Top Reasons Why Data Recovery fromBackups Fails

1. Storage media malfunctions

One of the most common factors is that the failure of data backup storage media. More specifically, for instance, maybe you’re storing back up data on an external hard drive. In this scenario, if the drive malfunctions, the data will likely become unavailable too. At this point, you will definitely fail to recover the data.

2. Backup software failure

Provided that you are backing up your data via any software instead of manually copying and pasting, one of the potential threats is the software. For example, the software has been recently updated thus it is unstable with some uncertain bugs, or the software is misconfigured. Hence, if the backup software fails, recovering data from backups will go wrong too.

3. Network failure

Nowadays, one of the most popular data backup solutions is via cloud. It requires network to both back up and recover data. So, when you attempt to extract data from your cloud backups, if something wrong occurs to network, you will surely fail as well.

4. Human errors

No one can boast that they will never make any mistakes. Thus, human errors can also be the culprit in failure of data recovery from backups. For instance, you may delete some critical files in data backups by accident. Or you may mistakenly click on a malicious link, which may contain virus, which can infect/damage your backed up without breaking a sweat.

5. Forget encryption password

In order to better secure your data backup, you may select to encrypt it. However, it is also pretty common and sometimes inevitable for many users to forget the encryption password. Without the correct password, you will be unable to access the data backup, not to mention data recovery from backup.

6. Not back up right files

Backing up all data will take a quite long time. Therefore, at times, you may only select the most essential files to be backed up. In this course, if the selected files are not the right ones, the next time when you attempt data recovery, you’ll find this fault and fail to restore the right files.

7. Not master the recovery skill

Furthermore, if you are backing up your files by special software, recovering data will demand some specific recovery skills and tools. Therefore, if you have not mastered the critical and correct skills, you’ll be incapable of restoring data from backups, either.

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