6 Smart Ways to Copy Tracked Deleted Text in Your Word Document

In this article, we would like to explain 6 smart ways for you to copy tracked deleted text in your Word document.Copy Tracked Deleted Text in Your Word Document    

With “Track Changes” feature turning on in Word, you will get a strike-through over text whenever a deletion is made. You see the text in screen, but Word considers it has been deleted, thus you are unable to copy the text and use it somewhere else. For instance, you will get such a warning message:Warning Message

Therefore, you need some workarounds.

Method 1: Copy the Tracked Deleted Text with Extra Words Next to It

  1. At first, select the deleted text together with words before or after it.
  2. Press “Ctrl+ C” to copy.
  3. If the text goes within the document, right click and choose “Keep Text Only” on contextual menu. Note that you can’t use “Ctrl+ V”, or you will lose the deleted text.
  4. Now the text pasted is in red. Right click on it and choose “Accept Change” to make the color go away. There will be no such trouble if the text goes to another document.Right Click->Choose "Accept Change"
  5. Finally, delete extra words.

Method 2: Turn off “Track Changes” Feature

  1. As mentioned above, you will encounter with this problem only when “Track changes” feature is on. So you can just turn it off before copy and paste. First, click “Review”.
  2. In “Tracking” group, you shall see the “Track Changes” command in yellow. Click on the upper part of the icon to grey the button.Click "Review"->Click the Upper Part of the Command Icon
  3. Next select, copy and paste the text.
  4. Now no matter the text goes within the document or to another one, you can see it in red with strike-through over it. Then right click on it and choose “Reject Change” to make the color and strike-through go away.
  5. Lastly, repeat first 2 steps to turn “Track Changes” feature on.

Method 3: Reject Change on the Deleted Text

  1. First of all, right click on the deleted text and choose “Reject Change” to get rid of the strike-through.
  2. Copy and paste contents using “Ctrl+ C” and “Ctrl+ V” respectively.
  3. If the text stays within the document, it will appear in red and underlined. Similarly, right click and choose “Accept Change”.
  4. Last but not the least, undo the rejection in step 1 by selecting text and pressing “Delete”.

Method 4: Use Shortcuts

  1. Begin with selecting the text.
  2. Next press “Ctrl+ Shift”, and keep holding down.
  3. Put insertion pointer somewhere inside the document and right click.
  4. Then right click on text and choose “Accept Change”.

Note you can only paste the text within the document at step 3. But after step 4, you are able to export the contents to other document.

Method 5: Use “Spike”

  1. At first, select text and press “Ctrl+ F3”.
  2. Place cursor properly and press “Ctrl+ Shift+ F3”.
  3. If it’s in the same document, right click on text and choose “Accept Change”.
  4. If it’s in another document, right click on text and choose “Reject Change”.

Method 6: Run Word Macro

  1. First and foremost, select texts.
  2. Then press “Alt+ F11” to trigger VBA editor in Word.
  3. Click “Normal” and “Insert”.
  4. And choose “Module” on the menu.Click "Normal"->Click "Insert"->Click "Module"
  5. Next double click on new module to open it.
  6. Paste the following codes:
Public strText As String

Sub SpecifyText()
  strText = Selection.Range.Text
End Sub

Sub GetText()
  Selection.InsertAfter strText
End Sub
  1. Now run macro “SpecifyText”.
  2. Next position insertion pointer and run macro “GetText”.Paste Codes->Click "Run"
  3. If it’s in the same document, right click on text and choose “Accept Change”.

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