6 Easy Steps to Fix the Issue that iPhone Shows 0 Bytes Available

Many iPhone users are plagued by the issue that iPhone shows 0 bytes available even though they only store some files in it. In this article, we will teach you to solve this problem in 6 easy steps.

iPhone keeping reminding you of 0 bytes available storage can take place due to a variety of reasons. In normal situation, it may indeed indicate that your iPhone’s storage has been run out. However, there are also abnormal cases. For instance, your iPhone is infected with viruses, or its system crashes. Yet, no matter what the real cause is, the most imperative action is to solve it. Therefore, here we will show you 6 easy and effective steps to fix it in a jiffy.

6 Easy Steps to Fix the Issue that iPhone Shows 0 Bytes Available

1. Check Actual Storage Space

In the case when your iPhone alerts you of 0 bytes available storage, without any doubts, you have to check the real remaining storage space in the first place and figure out what are occupying the iPhone space. First off, click “Settings”. Then, in the new screen, click “General” > “Usage” > “Manage Storage”. Now, check how much space has been used and how much left.

2. Free up Space

After checking actual storage, you can try to fix this issue by freeing up space on your iPhone. For instance, you can uninstall the apps which you do not require at this time. Or you can delete the old useless message threads, deleting large files like music or video. Also, you can clear all kinds of cache on the iPhone. After that, you can try to install new apps or take photos to see if “0 bytes available” persists.

3. Reboot iPhone

If the error still pops up, you can reboot your iPhone. At times, reboot can solve a lot of problems. Hence, it is worthy of a try.

4. Run Antivirus Software

Sometimes, the “0 bytes available” issue is actually caused by viruses or malware. So, assuming that the problem still exists after above 3 steps, you need to launch the antivirus software on your iPhone to detect and kill the hidden viruses.

5. Factory Reset after Backup

There is also a chance that your iPhone is exactly subject to system issues. Under this circumstance, you can fix it by resetting the iPhone to factory settings. But, in prior to this, you have to make an effective backup. Otherwise, you will kiss your iPhone data goodbye forever.

6. Restore Data from Backup

After factory resetting, of course you need to restore backed up data to iPhone. It is similar to Outlook recovery from backups on computer. For instance, you have backed up iPhone to iCloud, you can store data from iCloud with effortless ease.

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