6 Common Problems Caused by Fragmentation in Hard Drive

Some users still don’t realize the importance of defragging hard drive. Yet, in reality, with more and more fragments accumulating in hard disk, various severe problems can take place. Now, this article will reveal 6 of them in detail.

When you save a file in your hard drive, as long as the file is larger than the block size of the drive, it will become fragmented, divided into smaller file pieces and spread wherever the available free area on the drive. Later, when you attempt to access the file, hard drive will be demanded to scan the whole disk to local all the fragments of the file. Only after the drive re-arranges the fragments, will you be able to fetch the file. Hence, this process is admittedly tedious and will bring out a lot of issues, such as the following 6 ones.

6 Common Problems Caused by Fragmentation in Hard Drive

1. Very Slow Data Read/Write

As mentioned above, every time when you read/write data, the hard drive must go through the process of finding and re-organizing file fragments. Hence, if there are too many fragments in hard drive, you will discover that it takes much longer time to access a file.

2. Stuck Computer Activities

Moreover, in the event of disk fragmentation, some programs on your computer may be unable to work as normal. For instance, when the antivirus software tries to scan the entire PC, it may be unusually arduous and sluggish. And at the worst, the activities may get stuck or aborted directly.

3. System Crashes/Freezes

It’s inevitable that with more and more software faults, the computer system will become unstable definitely. For example, the PC system may hang, freeze or crash from time to time.

4. Unbootable System

In normal situation, when system crashes, you can just reboot the computer. Yet, at times, you may be subject to a more serious problem. That is boot up failure. In such situations, you have to firstly restore your system, which is pretty knotty.

5. Data Corruption/Loss

In addition, your computer data will not be able to survive, either. For example, your system frequently crashes due to disk fragmentation. In this scenario, many applications can’t be shut down properly, such as Outlook program. It’s possible that your Outlook file will be in danger, like PST corruption.

6. Hard Drive Failures

One of the most terrible outcomes in case of fragmentation is surely hard drive failure. Your hard drive components will experience accelerated wear, namely be degraded much faster, and fail thoroughly one day. At that time, all the hard drive data will vanish into air.


Based on above, it is highly advisable and prudent to defrag your hard drive at regular intervals. In an instance of Windows, you can configure an automatic disk defragmentation. Also, to reduce fragmentation, you can refer to my older post – “5 Effective Tips to Reduce File Fragmentation in Hard Drive”.

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