5 Ways to Vertically Align Superscript and Subscript in the Same Column in Word Document

In this article, we will offer you 5 ways to vertically align superscript and subscript in the Same Column in Word Document.

Generally, if you attach both superscript and subscript to the same text, the script texts will not be aligned in the same vertical line. This will certainly affect the artistic result of your document. Therefore, we must do something to vertically align both script texts.Vertically Align Superscript and Subscript in the Same Column

Following are 5 effectual tactics you can utilize to get what you expect.

Method 1: Insert Equation Structure

  1. To start off, click “Insert” in the Ribbon.
  2. Secondly, click on “Equation” command in “Symbols” group to trigger the “Design” tab of “Equation Tools”.
  3. Next click “Script”.
  4. On the drop-down menu, choose the “Subscript-Superscript” structure.
  5. Now you’ve inserted an equation control in current selection. Just enter texts in its proper position.   Click "Script"->Choose "Subscript-Superscript" Structure ->Enter Texts in Equations

Method 2: Insert an Equation Object

  1. First of all, put cursor in the place where the script texts go and click “Insert” tab, too.
  2. Then click “Object” in “Text” group to bring out the same name dialog box.
  3. Next find and select the “Microsoft Equation 3.0” object type and click “OK”.Click "Insert"->Click "Object"->Select "Microsoft Equation 3.0"->Click "OK"
  4. Now in the “Equation” tool box open, click the “Subscript and superscript templates” in the second row and choose a template there.
  5. Finally, enter texts in the template you choose.Click the "Subscript and superscript" templates->Choose One Template

Method 3: Insert a Field

  1. Before all, enter the text, to which superscript and subscript are attached, in the document.
  2. Then place cursor properly and press “Ctrl+ F9” to insert a field.
  3. Between field brackets, enter those codes:
          eq \a(X,Y)

Among them, change “X” to superscript text and “Y” to subscript.

  1. Lastly, press “F9”.Insert a Field->Enter Codes->Alter Codes->Press "F9"

Method 4: Change Character Spacing

  1. Firstly, enter the text to be set in superscript and then the one in subscript. There is no need to enter space between normal text and superscript, or superscript and subscript.
  2. Then set the firstly-entered piece of text as superscript, and the secondly-entered one as subscript.
  3. Next select superscript and press “Ctrl+ D”.
  4. In the “Font” dialog box, click “Advanced” tab.
  5. Then select “Condensed” for spacing and enter a value larger than “1”, such as “7”.
  6. At last, click “OK”.Click "Advanced"->Select "Condensed" for Spacing->Enter a Spacing Value->Click "OK"

By the way, in step 5, you should enter a proper value according to the font size applied to texts.

Method 5: Run Word Macro

  1. Put cursor at position where script texts go.
  2. And enter text to be set as superscript first. Then enter a space after it.
  3. Next enter the text to be set as subscript.
  4. Select the two piece of text including the space between.
  5. Press “Alt+ F11” to open VBA editor.
  6. Insert a new module by clicking on “Normal” first.
  7. Then click “Insert” and choose “Module”.Click "Normal"->Click "Insert"->Click "Module"
  8. Open new module with double click.
  9. Now enter following codes there:
Sub CombineTheSuperscriptsAndSubscripts()
  Selection.Range.TwoLinesInOne = wdTwoLinesInOneNoBrackets   
End Sub
  1. The put cursor inside this macro and click “Run” button or hit “F5”.Paste Codes->Click "Run"

You will have superscript and subscript aligned vertically immediately.

Deal with Impaired Documents

Since Word can stop responding now and then, we should handle our documents very carefully. In a word, we must take precautions, such as backing up files regularly. Also, it’s a good choice to require a fixing utility to fix docx in advance.

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