5 Vital Things You Must Do Before Restoring a Disk Image

Disk image is an exact copy of a hard drive. It plays a vital role in data recovery. Yet, in prior to restoring a disk image, you have to make some preparations to prevent restoring failure. This article will tell you what to do in detail.

In many cases, like before updating system, drivers and performing data recovery, it is extremely important to make a disk image for your computer hard drive. It provides users with an exact replica of the computer system and data. Therefore, when computer hard drive crashes catastrophically, if you have a disk image, you can restore the system and data with effortless ease, like Outlook recovery. To sum up, it can help you free of frustrating data losses and system reinstallation.

5 Vital Things You Must Do Before Restoring a Disk Image

Nevertheless, at times, restoring disk image may fail due to various factors, such as sudden power failures, insufficient disk space, incompatible operating system configurations, etc. In such a situation, worse phenomena would happen to your computer. Hence, so as to block it, you have to do the following things in advance.

1. Get an Up-to-Date Backup

First of all, you ought to check your data backups, seeing whether there is an up-to-date one. If not, you should make a data backup right now. With it, if image restoration fails, your data will not give you farewell. Actually, if feasible, it is advisable to make a disk image.

2. Check Drive Space

Moreover, it is essential to check your drive space, namely making sure about the available storage capacity of the drive. If the drive is smaller than the image, it will be more difficult and complex to restore the image. And most of time, restoring may fail.

3. Make Sure about Power Supply

In addition, during restoring image, a consistent power supply is a matter of necessity. Thereby, if you are storing a disk image to a laptop, you need to ensure the battery power is enough for image restoration. If power off suddenly in this process, restoring will definitely be interrupted.

4. Insure Restoring Tool Updated

Furthermore, to restore a disk image, you have to use the same tool of making the image. Besides, you need to check the version of the utility, ensuring it updated. Otherwise, restoring may malfunction as well.

5. Examine Computer’s Configurations

Many users want to restore a disk image to another computer. In this situation, you need to make sure if the target computer has the same configurations as the original one of the disk image, such as the drivers. If the target PC lacks a certain diver of the original one, even though the restoring completes successfully, the PC will be unable to function as normal.

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