5 Reasons Why DataNumen SQL Recovery is Your Best Tool for Recovering SQL Server Database

This post discusses the important aspects to look for in an SQL Server Database recovery tool and shows why the DataNumen’s SQL recovery tool ticks all the boxes.

5 Reasons Why DataNumen SQL Recovery is Your Best Tool for Recovering SQL Server Database

When choosing a recovery tool for your damaged MDF files, one of the biggest challenges you’ll be faced with is determining how your software of choice compares with others in the market. This is because there are lots of database recovery tools in the market and every vendor fronts their product as the best. However, a closer look at DataNumen SQL Recovery shows that it’s way superior to most competitor tools, and here is why:

1. File Recovery Rate

To settle on the best data recovery tool, among the top factors you must consider is the past success of the software compared to other products in the market. You can get this data from independent customer reviews with hard statistics. The good news is that when compared to the leading products in its class, the DataNumen SQL Recovery comes top with a score of 92.60% in file recovery rate. The nearest challenger comes a distant second with a success rate of 63.24%. 

To achieve this data, the tools under comparison are subject to diverse MDF file recovery scenarios such as different versions of SQL Server, Windows operating systems, large file sizes, and diverse types of files.  The results are then aggregated to determine which software is the best.  This analysis shows you which application is reliable and worth investing in. 

2. Simple and Easy to Use User Interface

The essence of using automated data recovery tools is to make the process simple and easy for the average IT professional. This goes a long way in enhancing efficiency and minimizing overhead costs. The DataNumen SQL Recovery uses an intuitive user interface that simplifies the file recovery processes into simple steps. The tabs are well-labeled so that a new user will not have any difficulty navigating through the system. 

It also incorporates a drag-and-drop feature for easy file selection. Integration with Windows shell allows users to access Windows Explorer capabilities such as right-clicking for better user experience.

3. Software Compatibility

Another advantage of using the DataNumen SQL Recovery tool is that it is compatible with all Windows operating systems and SQL Server versions. This ensures that data recovery specialists can serve as many clients as possible with a single tool. 

4. Large File Recovery

If you intend to work on large MDF database files, the best option is to choose a recovery tool that meets your requirements. The DataNumen SQL Recovery supports up to 16TB files and in case your files are larger than this, you can get help from the support team on how to manage your data recovery. This is not something you get with the regular SQL recovery tools.

5. Supported Data Types and Database Objects

This software supports the recovery of a wide range of data types and database objects such as tables and sparse columns. It also helps you to recover deleted records and repair corrupt files.  This means that this tool address all your MDF recovery needs so you don’t have to invest in any other software.

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