4 Useful Ways to Indent Paragraphs on Both Left and Right in Your Word Document

In this post are 4 useful ways for you to indent paragraphs on both left and right in your Word document.

Now and then, we would like to quote paragraphs or texts in Word document. Therefore, as to make them stand out, it’s a good idea to set both of their sides in the same indentation value.Indent Paragraphs on Both Left and Right in Your Word Document

For this reason, here are 4 methods available.

Method 1: Set Paragraph Formatting

  1. To begin with, place your cursor properly. If there is just one paragraph, then put cursor anywhere inside it. If there is a text block, then select them.
  2. Next right click and choose “Paragraph”.
  3. In the dialog box open, ensure the “Indents and Spacing” tab is on. Then set the same indentation value for the left and right.
  4. Click “OK” then.Ensure the "Indents and Spacing" Tab is on->Set the same indentation for the left and right->Click "OK"
  5. Lastly, click “Justify” under “Home” tab.

Check the effect bellow:Click "Justify" under "Home" tab

Method 2: Apply “Block Text” Style

  1. First of all, repeat step 1 in method 1 to determine the text range.
  2. Next click the arrow button in “Styles” group under “Home” tab to open the same name window.Click "Home"->Click the arrow button in "Styles" group
  3. Click “Options” at the right-down corner of the window to trigger the “Style Pane Options” box.
  4. Select “All styles” in “Select styles to show” box and click “OK”.Select "All styles" to show->Click "OK"
  5. Next on the “Styles” window, find and click on “Block Text” style.

See the result as follows:Click "Block Text"

Certainly, you can choose to modify the “Block Text” style as to change the indentation value or other formatting.

Method 3: Use “Format Painter” to Quickly Indent Paragraphs

If you have indented a paragraph or block text on both left and right, you can use the “Format Painter” to quickly copy the formatting and apply it to other texts.

  1. First off, put cursor inside the formatted texts.
  2. Then click “Format Painter” in “Clipboard” group under “Home” tab.Click "Home"->Click "Format Painter"
  3. Next click and draw selection over target texts.

Method 4: Copy the Paragraph Mark to Quickly Indent Paragraphs

  1. At first, reveal all hidden marks on the document.
  2. Next copy the paragraph mark of a formatted texts and paste it at the end of the target paragraphs.Copy and paste the formatted paragraph mark
  3. If there are multiple paragraphs in a block, you can use the “Find and Replace” function to replace all but the last paragraph mark with manual line breaks. Then just replace the last paragraph mark left with a formatted one. This can exempt you from repeating copy and paste.

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