4 Reasons and Solutions for “The Device Is Not Ready” Error in Computer

When you want to access data in your newly connected hard drive, you might receive error message which says “The Device Is Not Ready… ”. Don’t worry, today we will discuss about the error and offer corresponding solutions to you.

“The Device Is Not Ready” error is a kind of common error which often occurs when people want to access data in external data storage device. You might be curious about the reasons and the relevant solutions. Now let’s start to dig it out.

“Device Is Not Ready” Error


1.Connection issues

Since this issue often happens when connecting to external device, it’s probably caused by connection issues. For instance, digital devices connect loosely to computers, or the connector of external device is damaged.

2.Damaged digital device

Many might not take good care of their portable storage device. Thus if their digital device is already corrupt somehow, then “Device is not ready” problem will definitely follow soon.

3.Compatibility Problem

In some cases, your external device might have compatibility issues with computers. Then of course, you won’t be able to connect it and access your inner data.

4.System file damage

Apart from the above, system file damage is also a big threat to your computer. Many factors like improper Outlook fix, incomplete installation, virus and etc. can result in system damage and finally prompt “The Device Is Not Ready” error when you want to access your data in hard drives, especially in external drives.


1.Insert the device with another cable

To solve this problem, you can start form unplugging and inserting your device and connecting cable again to see if it is loose connection. If not, you can use another connecting cable to connect between the external hard drive and computer to see if it is connecting cable’s fault.

2.Read this device on another computer

If above method is not valid, then you can attempt to read this device in another computer. And it is recommended to choose a computer which has read this device before and can work normally. In this way, you can verify whether the problem is caused by the device or the original computer.

3.Utilize Disk Management

When foresaid means fails again, you ought to make use of disk management tools. If the tool says that the device is not unallocated, then it might be the compatible issue. You can format the device when the data inside is useless for you.

4.Change another new digital device

If above methods all cannot make any sense, it indicates that your digital device is likely to be corrupt somehow. And in this case, you have to select new device for yourself and take the old one to repair shop to restore the inside data.

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