4 Quick Steps to Adjust Font Settings in the Preview of Outlook Messages

If you’ve enabled the message preview in Outlook but find that the fonts are difficult to read, such as too small, you can change its font sizes. This article is mainly looking at this issue. You can utilize the method introduced here.

Outlook message preview permits us to read one-to-three lines of message body without opening it. In Outlook 2010 and previous versions, we can also change the fonts of preview. But in Outlook 2013 and higher, this feature disappeared initially. In newer iterations, we can only adjust the specified number lines of preview, namely selecting one line, two lines or three lines. Fortunately, in 2015, Outlook 2013 was updated with this feature. That is to say, if your Outlook 2013 has been upgraded, you can modify the fonts of message preview as well. As for Outlook 2016, it still lacks this feature. Now I will introduce the concrete steps to change its fonts.

Adjust Font Sizes in the Preview of Outlook Messages

  1. At the very outset, launch your Outlook application. In home page of Mail pane, you should switch to “View” tab and click the “View Settings” button.
  2. Then In the new dialog box, you should click “Other Settings” button and another dialog box will show up.Auto Preview Fonts
  3. In this dialog, you need to locate the “Auto-Preview” label, under which you should click “Fonts” button.
  4. Next in the subsequent window, you can see all fonts settings are over there, including Font, Font style, size, effects, and color and so on. You can modify any one of them in accordance with your preference.Adjust Font Sizes
  5. Finally click a series of “OK” to save the modified fonts.

Thereafter, as long as you have activated the Outlook preview view, you can see all the preview texts will be in the new font size. Note that the modified fonts only apply to the preview, not the reading pane.

Outlook’s Vulnerability

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