4 Effective Ways to Copy or Print the Outline of Your Word Document

In this post, there are 4 effective ways you can deploy to copy or print the outline of your Word document.

Now and then, we would need to share with teammates the progress of a project. For example, it’s common to send between each other the outline of some document as to keep everyone posted.

Therefore, we want to share with you 4 useful methods to copy or print an outline of document.Copy or Print the Outline of Your Word Document

2 Ways to Copy an Outline

Method 1: Copy in Outline View

  1. First of all, click “View” tab then click “Outline” command to show document in outline view.
  2. If you directly copy the content in outline view, you get all the contents not just the outline. Thus, to get the outline only, there are few more steps to go. Pick a lowest head level you want to show in the outline on the combo box of “Show Level” in “Outline Tools” group. Here we choose “Level 4”.Choose a Level to Show
  3. Then click “Home” and click the arrow button in “Styles” group to open the “Styles” window.
  4. Now find “Heading 1” and click on the drop-down button.
  5. Choose “Select All XX Instance(s)”. You can see all heading 1 are in selection now.
  6. Now press “Ctrl”. Find headings lower than the heading 1, i.e. the heading 2, heading 3, and heading 4. Repeat step 5 and 6.Click on the Drop-down Button on a Heading->Choose "Select All XX Instance(s)"
  7. Next press “Ctrl+ C” to copy and paste contents into somewhere else.

Check the outcome below:Result of Copying an Outline

Method 2: Copy from Table of Contents

  1. To begin with, press “Ctrl+ Home” to put cursor at the beginning of the document.
  2. Second, click “References” tab.
  3. Then click “Table of Contents”.
  4. On the drop-down menu, choose “Insert Table of Contents”.Click "References"->Click "Table of Contents"->Click "Insert Table of Contents"
  5. In “Table of Contents” box, uncheck the “Show page numbers” box.
  6. Then choose a heading level from the combo box of “Show levels”.
  7. Next click “OK”.Uncheck "Show page numbers" Box->Choose a Heading Level in "Show level" Combo Box->Click "OK"
  8. Copy the table of contents.Copy the Table of Contents

2 Ways to Print an Outline

Now let’s take a look at the methods to print an outline.

Method 1: Print in Outline View

  1. First and foremost, repeat the first 2 steps in method 1 in “2 Ways to Copy an Outline” above.
  2. Then click “File” tab and then click “Print”.
  3. Next set printer properties if necessary.
  4. After it, you may see the print preview still shows all contents. Don’t bother. Just click “Print” button.Click "File"->Click "Print"->Click "Print" Button

Method 2: Run Word Macro

  1. First off, press “Alt+ F11” to invoke VBA editor.
  2. Then click “Normal” on the left column.
  3. Next click “Insert” on menu bar.
  4. On the drop-down menu, choose “Module”.Click "Normal"->Click "Insert"->Click "Module"
  5. Double click on new module to open it and paste following macro there:
Sub PirntTheOutline()
  Dim lLevel As Long
  lLevel = InputBox("Input the heading level you want to print", "Heading Level", "For exemple:4")
  ActiveWindow.ActivePane.View.Type = wdOutlineView
  ActiveWindow.View.ShowHeading (lLevel)
  ' Print the outline by default print setting
  Application.PrintOut FileName:="", Range:=wdPrintAllDocument, Item:= _
    wdPrintDocumentWithMarkup, Copies:=1, Pages:="", PageType:= _
    wdPrintAllPages, Collate:=True, Background:=True, PrintToFile:=False, _
    PrintZoomColumn:=0, PrintZoomRow:=0, PrintZoomPaperWidth:=0, _
  ' Pop up the Print dialog box.
End Sub
  1. Now click “Run”.Paste Macro->Click "Run"
  2. Then there will be the “Heading Level” box. Just enter a heading number and click “OK”.Enter a Number of Heading Level->Click "OK"

Check Your Backups

Now you may have a full understanding of the importance of backups. But, you need to keep in mind that backups can also be the victim to a damaged word. Even, some backups get damaged during the backup process. Therefore, you should develop a habit of constantly checking the integrity of backups.

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  1. I’m a long-time, fairly knowledgeable user of Microsoft Word, and I don’t often need to ask the internet questions about Word things. But today I needed to know (and I’ve wondered for a long time) how to copy an outline ONLY, and was happy to find the answer on your site. Thanks for the tip, and for writing clearly. I used the “create table of contents and copy it” method.

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