3 Ways to Set Different Watermarks for Different Pages in Your Word Document

In this article, we will focus on showing you 3 ways to set different watermarks for different pages in your Word document.

By default, when we inert watermark into a Word document, all pages take the same style. However, there can be times when you will try to use different watermarks, such as different on odd and even page. Let’s say, you decide to insert one kind of watermark on odd pages and another one even pages.Set Different Watermarks for Different Pages

Only then, you will run into the following situation. You notice that the 2 types of watermarks cannot coexist, such as bellow:Watermarks disappear in either odd or even pages

Our 3 methods today are aiming to help you with this issue, taking the instance of inserting alternative watermarks into odd and even pages.

Method 1: Insert Different Watermarks into Different Documents

  1. At first, double click on header area to enter editing mode.
  2. Check “Different Odd & Even Pages” box under “Design” tab.Check "Different Odd & Even Pages" Box
  3. Next put cursor on odd page and insert a watermark. If you use customized watermark, you will find both odd and even pages take the same watermarks. Don’t worry. Activate header on an even page and select the watermark, then press “Delete”.
  4. Now create a new Word document. Insert the watermark you want to show on even pages on the new document.
  5. Ensure the header is activated and select the watermark. Right click on it and choose “Cut”.Click "Cut"
  6. Then do back to the original document and activate the header. Paste the watermark and adjust its size and position. You will see the watermark appear on the even page. Double click on area outside header to exist editing.

Method 2: Use a Picture as Watermark

  1. Repeat first 3 steps in method 1 first.
  2. Save the picture you want to use as a watermark.
  3. Next activate the header on even page. Click “Picture” command under “Design” tab to insert a picture into the header.Click "Picture" under "Design"
  4. Then right click on the picture and move cursor over “Wrap Text”. Choose “Behind Text”.Click "Wrap Text"->Select "Behind Text"
  5. Next adjust the size and position of the picture.
  6. Exit Header.Effect

If you want to set different watermark on the first page, just check the “Different First Page” at the very beginning. Then follow the same steps in method 1 or 2.

Method 3: Insert Different Watermarks on Specific Pages

Sometimes, you may want to insert customized watermarks on several specific pages. Here we will take the example of inserting different watermarks on page 2 and 3.

  1. Firstly, insert watermarks into all pages of the document.
  2. Next put cursor at the start of page 2 and click “Page layout”.
  3. Then click “Breaks” and choose “Continuous”.Click "Page Layout"->Click "Breaks"->Click "Continuous"
  4. Similarly, use the same step to insert a continuous break at the start of page 4.
  5. Next enter header of page 2, footer of page 3 and header of page 4, and deselect “Link to Previous” respectively.Deselect "Link to Previous"
  6. Now go to either page 2 or 3 to delete the watermark.Watermarks disappear on page 2 and 3
  7. Lastly, deploy step 4 to 6 in method 1 or step 2 to 6 in method 2 to insert new watermarks into page 2 and 3.

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