3 Important Ways to Prevent Your DWG Files from Corruption

This article examines the best practices to keep your DWG files healthy. It also highlights a quick fix on how to recover your files should they get corrupt.

3 Important Ways to Prevent Your DWG Files from Corruption

If you are a design professional, you understand how tasking it is to produce quality drawings. Unfortunately, DWG files get corrupted easily. If you do not take measures to protect your files, they will be damaged beyond recovery. Do not worry though, we will show you what you can do to keep your DWG files healthy.

When working with DWG files, it is important to make a deliberate effort to understand the factors that lead to the corruption of DWG files. This allows you to develop a sound risk framework that informs your best practices of handling DWG files in your organization. For instance, malware attacks can cause a lot of damage to DWG files. Understanding how virus attacks can find a way into your company network helps you to develop effective measures on how to prevent computer virus attacks.

Be Careful when Using Removable Drives

One way to protect projects from external malware attacks is to prevent the use of removable drives on company computers by unauthorized personnel. The sharing of DWG files should be limited to the company network. Privileges to share information with external persons such as clients should be restricted to customer-facing staff. 

There are many instances when DWG files move in and out of an organization as different stakeholders to a project provide inputs. This could be a potential threat to your internal files because DWG files easily get corrupted. All you need to do is to open a corrupt DWG file on AutoCAD when other healthy files are open. The corruption spreads to the good files. 

To prevent this from happening, you need to develop a standard procedure for handling any file that is coming from an external source, even if it is your document that has come for correction. This type of corruption is common with external references associated with DWG files such as Registered Applications. To be on the safe side, check all drawings from external sources for this type of corruption, and clean them before using them.

Back Up Frequently

Back up your DWG files frequently, especially if you are working in an office setup where documents are shared. It is wise to take personal responsibility of your work. Do not assume everybody is keen enough to save any changes they make on files. You could even experience a bad day at work and delete your files by accident. However, if you have a backup for the same, then recovering your files will be easy.

Using a Proved DWG Recovery Tool

Take no chances and plan beyond data corruption. Despite taking the above precautions, your DWG files can get corrupt. It is therefore wise to have a data recovery plan in place. You can then allocate resources that will help you recover your data. One of the best tools you can have is DataNumen DWG Recovery. This application repairs corrupt AutoCAD files. It also supports the recovery of objects associated with DWG files. In addition, if you experience a widespread file of corruption on your backups, then this is the best tool to use as it supports batch recovery of files. 

DataNumen DWG Recovery

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