2 Rapid Ways to Spell Check Message Subject Line

Outlook use Word as editor by default; its spell check can check spelling errors. But it doesn’t work in Subject. How can we spell check subject?

In general, nobody can promise that they don’t make any mistakes of spelling or grammar when writing emails. Perhaps we are extremely careful about words and sentences. But sometimes even pressing a wrong key will lead to mistakes as well. It is so kind of Outlook to provide users with a built-in checking tool. That is Word’s spell check, which helps us a lot during writing. Every time we make spelling mistakes, it will remind us by highlighting the wrong words in red underline. As seeing it, we are all used to correcting it immediately.

However, it is a great pity that Word’s spell check doesn’t work in Message subject line. Therefore, it is crucial for us to know how to spell check message subject line. In fact, it is very simple. Even a novice in Outlook can make flexible use of it.

Spell Check before Sending

  1. For a start we should go to “File” menu and click “Options” item.
  2. Then a new window of “Outlook Options” will open up, in which we would be required to select “Mail” option in the left part.
  3. Next in “Mail” page, we can locate the first option – “Compose messages”. Under this option, we should find the icon which consists of “ABC” letters and a tick. Next to the icon, there is an option – “Always Check Spelling before Sending”. Mark the checkbox next to it.Spell Check before Sending

As long as we enable the option, we will be informed of mistakes, ranging from message subject to content when we click “Send” button in Message. If the popup dialog of spelling is triggered by words or sentences in content, we can directly close it by “X” icon.

Spelling and Grammar in Review

Apart from enabling “Always Check Spelling before Sending” option, we can use “Spelling and Grammar” tool. Switch to “Review” tab, we can locate it with ease. Besides, pressing “F7” can also make it turn up.Spelling and Grammar in Review

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  1. Yep does not work. My wife is a PA and she says the only way around it is to copy and paste the subject into the body of the e-mail, do the spell check, do any corrections then deleted the subject from the body of the e-mail

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