2 Quick Ways to Insert the Screenshot of an Excel Worksheet into Your Outlook Email Body

At times, instead of copying the Excel worksheet into an email’s body, you may want to insert the screenshot of the worksheet. Thus, this article will show 2 methods to get it.

Many users would like to export a screenshot of a specific Excel worksheet and then insert the screenshot into the message body of an Outlook email. Only in the screenshot, the cell values can’t be changed. And the screenshot can be viewed even if the recipients don’t install MS Excel on their computers.

This can be realized by 2 means. The first one is by the inbuilt feature – “Insert” > “Screenshot”, which is elaborately introduced in the following Method 1. And the second one is using a bit of scripting, as shown in the Method 2. Now, read on to get them in detail.

Method 1: Insert Screenshot of Excel Window

  1. First off, open the Excel worksheet that you want to insert into email.Source Excel Worksheet
  2. Then, launch Outlook and create a new email.
  3. Next, in the Message window, switch to “Insert” tab.
  4. Subsequently, click “Screenshot” button.Insert Screenshot in Email
  5. In the “Available Windows” list, select the screenshot of the Excel worksheet.
  6. At once, the screenshot of the Excel worksheet will be inserted.Inserted Screenshot of Excel Window
  7. Now, you can crop the screenshot at will.

Method 2: Copy the Screenshot of Excel Worksheet with VBA

  1. At the very outset, open the Excel file.
  2. Then, press “Alt + F11” to trigger Excel VBA editor.
  3. Next, add the reference to “MS Outlook Object Library” and “MS Word Object Library” according to “How to Add an Object Library Reference in VBA“.
  4. After that, copy the following VBA code into a project or module.
Sub ExportInsert_ScreenshotOfSheet_Mail()
    Dim objSheet As Excel.Worksheet
    Dim objUsedRange As Excel.Range
    Dim objOutlookApp As Outlook.Application
    Dim objMail As Outlook.MailItem
    Dim objMailDocument As Word.document
    'Change "Sheets(1)" to the specific worksheet number
    Set objSheet = ActiveWorkbook.Sheets(1)
    Set objUsedRange = objSheet.UsedRange
    'Copy the screenshot of the sheet
    objUsedRange.CopyPicture xlScreen, xlPicture

    Set objOutlookApp = CreateObject("Outlook.Application")
    Set objMail = objOutlookApp.CreateItem(olMailItem)
    Set objMailDocument = objMail.GetInspector.WordEditor
    'Paste the copied screenshot
    objMailDocument.Range(0, 0).Paste
End Sub

VBA Code - Copy the Screenshot of Excel Worksheet into Mail Body

  1. Later, press “F5” to run this macro.
  2. Immediately, a new email will display.
  3. In the small dialog box, click “Allow” button.Allow Excel to Access Outlook
  4. Lastly, the screenshot of the Excel worksheet will be inserted into the mail body.Inserted Screenshot of Excel Worksheet

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