2 Quick Methods to Count the Number of Bullets in Your Word Document

In today’s article, we will present you 2 quick and effective methods to count the number of bullets in your Word document.

From time to time, we’d use bulleted or numbered lists in our documents to organize items. Generally, a bullet point or a number leads an individual item, be it a word or a phrase or a sentence. Now if you have a numbered list, it won’t be a problem to figure out the total item number. However, what if there are bulleted lists in your word document? Simply counting them one by one doesn’t sound good.

Therefore, in case some of you might need to sum up the bullet number, here are 2 ways to work out.

Method 1: Convert a Bulleted List to a Numbered List

  1. Firstly, select the list which you want to get the bullet number.Select Target list
  2. Then click “Numbering” in “Paragraph” group under “Home” tab. The bulleted list shall change to a numbered one.Click "Home"->Click "Numbering"

Or you can also right click on the selection and move cursor over the “Numbering” option, then hover cursor on one of the numbering styles on the extend menu. This enables you to get the number of bullets without actually converting the bulleted list to a numbered one.Right Click->Hover Cursor over a Numbering Style

By the way, if you need to count bullet points of the entire document, you only need to place cursor within one bulleted list, and then follow the above steps. You will find all bulleted lists within the file have been converted to numbered lists with numbers in sequence, such as below:Count Bullets of the Entire Document

Method 2: Use Macro

  1. To begin with, if you want to get the bullets of a specific list, then select it. Otherwise, for the count of the bullets in the whole document, you should press “Ctrl+ A” to have it in selection.
  2. Next, click “Developer” tab.
  3. Then click “Visual Basic” to open the VBA editor. The shortcut combination is “Alt+ F11”.Click "Developer" ->Click "Visual Basic"
  4. Now click “Normal” then “Insert”.
  5. Choose “Module” next.Click "Normal"->Click "Insert"->Choose "Module"
  6. Double click on the new module, and paste these codes on the editing area:
 Sub GetNumberOfBullets()
   Dim objRange As Range
   Dim objParagraph As Paragraph
   Dim nNumber As Integer
   '  Initialization
   Set objRange = Selection.Range
   nNumber = 0
   For Each objParagraph In objRange.Paragraphs
   If objParagraph.Range.ListFormat.ListType = WdListType.wdListBullet Then
     nNumber = nNumber + 1
   End If
   Next objParagraph
   '  Pop up a message box to show the total number of bullets.
   MsgBox ("Bullet number:" & nNumber)
 End Sub
  1. Finally, click “Run”.Enter Codes->Click "Run"Message Box

You shall see a message box popping up, showing the result.

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