2 Effective Ways to Extract Text from Pictures and File Printouts to Word Document via OCR

In this article, there are 2 ways for you to extract text from pictures and file printouts to Word document via OCR.

Word supports Optical Character Recognition (OCR). With this feature, you can extract text from a picture or file printout to a Word document. Such a great tool allows us to make further changes to these texts. Here are 2 detailed approaches to do so.Extract Text from Pictures and File Printouts to Word Document via OCR

Method 1: Use Microsoft Office Document Image Writer in Word 2003

  1. Firstly, open Word 2003. Click “Insert” tab on the menu bar and choose “Picture”.
  2. Then select “From File”.  Click "Insert"->Click "Picture"->Choose "From File"
  3. You can repeat above 2 steps to insert multiple pictures into a document.
  4. Next click “File” and then “Print” to trigger “Print” dialog. Or press “Ctrl+ P” instead.
  5. In “Print” dialog, select “Microsoft Office Document Image Writer” printer.
  6. Ensure “All” is selected for “Page range”.
  7. Next click “OK”.Choose Printer->Select "All" for Page Range->Click "OK"
  8. In the “Save As” box popping up, choose a storage place and click “Save”.
  9. Now in the “Microsoft Office Document Imaging” window, use mouse to draw a square box to include the section where text to be extracted lies.Select an Area ->Right Click->Choose "Copy"
  10. Then right click and choose “Copy”. The next thing you see is all texts in the box you drew are in selection.Texts in This Area is Selected
  11. Lastly, open a Word document and paste text there, such as below:Effect of Using Microsoft Office Document Image Writer

As you see, it can’t recognize all words correctly. But, still it’s much quicker than typing them manually.

Method 2: Use OCR in OneNote in Word 2010

  1. First of all, insert pictures into Word document.
  2. Then click “File” tan and then click “Print”.
  3. Next choose “Send to OneNote 2010” printer.
  4. And choose to print all pages.
  5. Click “Print” button.Click "File"->Click "Print"->Choose "Send to OneNote 2010" Printer->Choose "Print All Pages"->Click "Print"
  6. Now you’ve triggered OneNote. In the “Select Location in OneNote” window, choose either “Untitled page” or “New Section 1” to keep the contents to be printed.
  7. Then click “OK”.Pick a Location ->Click "OK"
  8. Next click on the printout and right click.
  9. Choose “Copy Text from All the Pages of the Printout”.Click on the Printout->Right Click->Choose "Copy Text from All the Pages of the Printout"
  10. Open a blank Word document and paste text there.Effect of Using OCR in OneNote

Safeguard Your Word Document

It’s easy to understand that Word is not immune to corruption. Actually, no software does. Therefore, some preventive actions are needed. For example, you can back up documents on a regular basis. Besides, it’s also wise to get a tool to fix corrupt docx.

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