14 Best Access Repair Tools (2024)

1. Introduction

Importance of MS Access Database Repair

Microsoft Access databases are an essential tool for storing various kinds of data, from simple lists to complex records. These databases are vulnerable to corruption for multiple reasons, such as software crashes, hardware failure, or user errors. When a database gets corrupted, repairing it becomes crucial to recover valuable data and restore normal functionality.

Access Data Repair Tools

Objectives of this Comparison

The primary aim of this comparison is to provide an in-depth look at some of the most reliable MS Access database repair tools in the market. We will assess each tool based on several factors like ease of use, effectiveness, and cost. This comparison seeks to assist users in selecting the tool that best fits their needs, based on various use-case scenarios and technical requirements.

By the end of this guide, you should have a clearer understanding of what each tool offers, enabling you to make an informed choice for your MS Access database repair needs.

2. DataNumen Access Repair

DataNumen Access Repair is a robust tool designed for repairing corrupt or damaged MS Access MDB and ACCDB databases. It offers an array of features that help in recovering records, tables, and even deleted data, thereby making it a comprehensive solution for Access database problems.

DataNumen Access Repair 4.1


  • Offers a high recovery rate, which sets it apart from many of its competitors.
  • Supports batch processing, allowing users to repair multiple files simultaneously.
  • Capable of recovering deleted records and tables, offering an extra layer of data retrieval.


  • The user interface may appear dated.
  • The software is more expensive than some other options in the market, making it less accessible for some users.

3. Aryson Access Database Recovery

Aryson Access Database Recovery is another robust software engineered to repair and recover MDB and ACCDB files from corrupt or inaccessible Microsoft Access databases. The tool is highly regarded for its efficiency and powerful data recovery capabilities, which extend to even severely corrupted files.Aryson Access Database Recovery


  • Offers a dual recovery mode for both minor and severe corruption cases, making it highly adaptable.
  • User-friendly design, making it easy even for individuals without technical know-how to operate the software.
  • Compatible with various versions of Microsoft Access, enhancing its applicability.


  • The software is on the pricier side, making it less accessible for small businesses or individual users.
  • May consume considerable system resources, potentially slowing down other applications during the recovery process.

    4. Cigati Access Database Recovery

    Cigati Access Database Recovery is a specialized tool focused on the recovery and repair of MDB and ACCDB files. Known for its advanced algorithms, the software aims to provide a comprehensive recovery solution for corrupted Access databases, while also offering data preview features.Cigati Access Database Recovery


    • Advanced algorithms enable the recovery of complex database structures, ensuring high data integrity.
    • The software offers a data preview feature, allowing users to view retrievable data before committing to the recovery.
    • Extensive customer support options, making it easier for users to resolve any issues they may encounter.


    • The user interface can be somewhat technical, potentially intimidating for users who are new to database recovery.
    • Although advanced, the software might be on the pricier end when compared to other tools in the market.

    5. PDS Access File Repair

    PDS Access File Repair is a specialized software designed for the repair and recovery of MS Access database files. This tool focuses on the retrieval of all forms of data such as tables, forms, and reports, while also being equipped to deal with severe levels of corruption. It is a solution tailored for both professionals and casual users facing Access database issues.

    PDS Access RepairPros:

    • High success rate in repairing heavily corrupted files, making it reliable for critical situations.
    • Equipped with a user-friendly interface, making it easy for even non-technical users to navigate.
    • Allows preview of recoverable items before actual recovery, aiding in selective data restoration.


    • Can be on the pricier side, which may be a concern for smaller businesses or individual users.
    • Limited customer support options, potentially causing delays when troubleshooting is necessary.

6. Stellar Repair for Access

Stellar Repair for Access is a software tool designed for repairing corrupted Microsoft Access databases, including the MDB and ACCDB files. This tool is capable of restoring tables, queries, indexes, and relations, providing a comprehensive solution for most Access database issues.Stellar Repair for Access


  • User-friendly interface that requires no technical expertise to navigate.
  • Ability to preview repaired items before saving, giving you a chance to verify data.


  • The full version required for complete recovery can be costly for some users.
  • Not as fast as some of its competitors when dealing with large Access files.

7. Kernel for Access

Kernel for Access is a specialized software solution for repairing and recovering MS Access database files. It supports both MDB and ACCDB file formats and aims to restore all elements like tables, queries, and forms from corrupted databases.

Kernel for Access


  • Provides dual recovery modes, Standard Mode and Template Mode, to tackle different levels of corruption.
  • Supports recovery from encrypted databases, which is a feature not commonly found in many competitors.
  • Allows users to preview recovered data before saving, enhancing data integrity assurance.


  • Some users might find the interface less intuitive compared to other products.
  • Lacks some advanced features such as the ability to recover macros and VBA code.

8. Recovery Toolbox for Access

Recovery Toolbox for Access is a specialized tool aimed at repairing Microsoft Access databases. It can recover data from damaged Access files and salvage useful data such as tables, queries, and indexes. The tool is known for its straightforward approach and ease of use.

Recovery Toolbox for Access


  • Intuitive user interface that makes the tool accessible for users of all expertise levels.
  • Supports a wide range of Access database versions, making it versatile.
  • Quick scan and recovery speed, thereby minimizing downtime.


  • Lacks some of the advanced features like batch processing found in other premium tools.
  • The recovery rate might not be as high as some other competitors in the market.

9. SysInfoTools Access Database Recovery

SysInfoTools Access Database Recovery is a specialized software designed for the repair and recovery of MDB and ACCDB files in Microsoft Access databases. This tool stands out for its performance, ease-of-use, and the granularity of control it provides to the user for data recovery.SysInfoTools Access Database Recovery


  • Equipped with advanced algorithms that ensure high recovery rates even for severely corrupted databases.
  • Offers preview functionality that allows users to see recoverable data before actual recovery, adding an extra layer of user control.
  • Supports batch recovery, saving time and effort in the case of multiple corrupt files.


  • The interface, while functional, could be more intuitive to cater to users who are not tech-savvy.
  • Some users have reported that the tool can be resource-intensive, requiring a powerful machine for optimal performance.

10. EaseUS Access Database Recovery

EaseUS Access Database Recovery is another robust tool aimed at recovering and repairing both MDB and ACCDB files from Microsoft Access databases. Known for its user-friendly interface and efficiency, the software is geared towards both novice and expert users.

EaseUS Access Database Recovery


  • Highly intuitive and easy-to-use interface makes it accessible to users of all experience levels.
  • Supports a wide range of Access database versions, enhancing its adaptability and utility.
  • Speedy recovery process with little to no compromise on data integrity or completeness.


  • Limited filtering options for the recovery process, which could be improved to offer more targeted retrievals.
  • While the software is generally reliable, some users have noted occasional glitches and hang-ups during the recovery process.

11. DiskInternals Access Recovery

DiskInternals Access Recovery is a dedicated tool designed to recover lost or corrupted data from Microsoft Access databases. With a strong emphasis on user-friendliness, the software offers a guided wizard to take users through the recovery process, making it suitable for all levels of expertise.DiskInternals Access Recovery


  • User-friendly wizard-based interface simplifies the recovery process, making it accessible for novices.
  • High recovery rate, capable of recovering even heavily corrupted Access files.
  • The software provides a free trial that allows you to preview recoverable data before purchasing the full version.


  • The product might lack some advanced features that other more specialized tools offer.
  • Customer support may not be as extensive or as quickly responsive as some other options in the market.

12. AccessFIX

AccessFIX is a comprehensive Access database recovery solution that aims to quickly and effectively restore all types of data from corrupt or damaged Microsoft Access databases. With a strong focus on accuracy and efficiency, it provides an intuitive interface and a set of robust features to help users regain their lost data.AccessFIX


  • High-speed recovery process can save users considerable time.
  • Capable of handling various forms of corruption and recovers tables, queries, forms, and other data types.
  • Provides users with a detailed log report, allowing for transparency in the recovery process.


  • The software might be on the pricier side, making it less accessible for small businesses or individual users.
  • Interface may not be as modern or visually appealing as some other alternatives.

13. SysTools Access Recovery

SysTools Access Recovery is a tool designed for restoring corrupted Access databases. This software is tailored for both professionals and beginners, offering a blend of simplicity and advanced recovery algorithms. It is compatible with a variety of Access database versions and can recover almost all types of Access database objects.SysTools Access Recovery


  • Supports a wide range of Access database versions, offering greater compatibility.
  • Equipped with an easy-to-use interface that is suitable for users of all technical levels.
  • Offers a preview feature, allowing users to view recoverable items before initiating the recovery process.


  • Some users may find the lack of a batch recovery option limiting.
  • Depending on the extent of corruption, the tool may not be able to recover all types of database objects fully.

14. Recovery for Access

Recovery for Access is a software tool focused on repairing corrupted Microsoft Access databases. It aims to recover data in the most intact form possible, featuring advanced recovery algorithms. The tool is particularly effective for businesses and individual users who need quick restoration of crucial Access database files.Recovery for Access


  • Quick scan and recovery time, making it efficient for urgent needs.
  • Effective in recovering a wide range of database objects including tables, queries, and reports.
  • Provides detailed logs and reports of the recovery process, aiding in troubleshooting.


  • User interface may not be as intuitive as some of its competitors, requiring a slight learning curve.
  • The software may struggle with extremely large database files, leading to longer recovery times or incomplete restoration.

15. Access Repair Toolbox

Access Repair Toolbox is a software utility designed to repair and recover corrupted Microsoft Access databases. The tool offers a range of features to deal with various levels of corruption and is aimed at providing a straightforward solution for both technical experts and novices.Access Repair Toolbox


  • Offers multi-level repair strategies, providing flexibility in handling different types of corruption issues.
  • Comes with a simplified interface, making it easy to use even for those with limited technical knowledge.
  • Supports a wide range of Access database versions, increasing its versatility and utility.


  • The speed of recovery may be slower compared to other specialized tools.
  • Lacks some advanced features, which might limit its effectiveness for more complex repair needs.

16. Summary

16.1 Best Choice

After a comprehensive comparison, we select DataNumen Access Repair as the best choice for MS Access database repair, due to its high recovery rate, complete set of features, and excellent technical support.

16.2 Overall Comparison Table:

Tool Recovery Rate Features Ease of Use Advanced Features
DataNumen Access Repair High Comprehensive Medium Yes
Aryson Access Database Recovery Medium Advanced Medium No
Cigati Access Database Recovery Medium Medium Medium Yes
PDS Access File Repair Medium Medium High No
Stellar Repair for Access Low Comprehensive High Yes
Kernel for Access Low Medium High Yes
Recovery Toolbox for Access Low Medium High No
SysInfoTools Access Database Recovery Low Advanced Low Yes
EaseUS Access Database Recovery Low Medium High No
DiskInternals Access Recovery Low Advanced Medium No
AccessFIX Low Medium High No
SysTools Access Recovery Low Medium Medium No
Recovery for Access Low Medium Low Yes
Access Repair Toolbox Low Medium High No

16.3 Recommended Tool Based on Various Needs

For users who prioritize recovery rate and a comprehensive set of features, DataNumen Access Repair comes highly recommended. Kernel for Access also provides a good balance of versatility and advanced features but falls a bit short in recovery rate compared to DataNumen Access Repair.Access Repair Tools

For those on a budget and needing only basic recovery options, Recovery Toolbox for Access and AccessFIX offer simpler interfaces with fewer features, making them cost-effective but less versatile.

If speed is a top priority, Aryson Access Database Recovery and SysTools Access Recovery offer fast recovery times but differ in their range of features and supported Access versions.

17. Conclusion

Selecting the right MS Access repair tool can be a daunting task given the variety of options available. Factors such as recovery rate, features, ease of use, and advanced features should guide your choice. Understanding your specific needs, be it high recovery rate, a full set of options, or user-friendly interfaces, is crucial in this decision-making process.

Access Recovery Tools Conclusion

While tools like DataNumen Access Repair offer a high recovery rate and robust set of features, options like Recovery Toolbox for Access and AccessFIX cater to those who may not need all the bells and whistles. It’s essential to consider what you’re willing to compromise on: recovery rate, features, or ease of use.

Also, before making a final decision, it would be wise to avail yourself of any free trials or demos offered by these products. This can give you hands-on experience with the tool, allowing you to gauge its capabilities and shortcomings firsthand.

In summary, the ideal MS Access repair tool should align with your specific requirements and constraints. Whether you’re an enterprise user looking for extensive features and support or a home user in need of a quick, simple solution, the market offers something for everyone.

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