11 Top Reasons Why Computer Freezes Frequently

Computer freezing is one of the most common and frustrating issues which have plagued multiple users. In order to help you resolve this issue more effectively, this article will expose the 11 top reasons behind it.

When you frequently find that your computer tends to freezes or hangs abruptly, it is very likely that something terrible has occurred to your PC. Not only can this matter suddenly interrupt what you are doing, but also it is able to cause you to lose what you are working on, such as damaging the word document that you are editing or directly resulting in a corrupted Outlook PST file, and so on. Therefore, it is high time for you to solve this trouble as soon as possible. In order to resolve effectively, you are required to identify its actual reasons. Here we unveil the top 11 of them.

11 Top Reasons Why Computer Freezes Frequently

1. Too Many Applications Running

When an application starts on the computer system, it will take a certain amount of internal and hardware resources to support it to run. Thus, if you’ve installed a lot of applications on your computer and run many of them simultaneously, your PC runs out of resources. In this case, of course your PC will be prone to freeze.

2. Malfunctioning Drivers

In addition, malfunctioning drivers on your PC is also a great cause of computer freezing. This indicates that the drivers are out-of-date or corrupt. For instance, if your sound driver is damaged, every time when you try to play music, your PC will get stuck surely.

3. Outdated or Corrupt Operating System

Operating system plays a great role in supporting the entire computer to work. If your PC operating system is outdated or corrupted, at better, your computer will simply freeze. But at worst, you will suffer severe data loss and your PC will crash completely.

4. Misconfigured Hardware

So as to achieve more features, you may add some more hardware components to your computer manually. However, if the hardware is incompatible with your PC, or you’ve misconfigured the hardware, your computer will be unable to function as normal, such as keep hanging.

5. Internal Hard Drive Problems

Apart from added hardware, internal hard drive is also an important role. As we all know, the drive is storing all of your computer data. Thus if the hard drive fails for some reasons, such as physical damage, your PC data will tend to get corrupt or lost thoroughly. In this scenario, the computer will freeze definitely.

6. Insufficient Random Access Memory (RAM)

RAM is a form of computer data storage which is working to store the frequently used application instructions to increase the speed of a system. Hence, if your PC tends to freeze regularly, it is probably that insufficient RAM is to blame. In this case, upgrading RAM or reinstall Windows operating system may be able to solve this issue.

7. Virus or Malware

Nowadays, one of the most common online threats is virus or malware. This can wreak havoc on your computer systems’ performance and seriously restrict your PC’s functionality. Therefore, if your PC gets infected by virus or spyware, your PC will suffer freezing, too.

8. Incorrect BIOS Settings

If you have modified your computer BIOS settings by yourself before and next the PC freezes, it is very likely that the incorrect BIOS settings are the culprits, such as overclocking system processor or RAM, which can lead to computer instable. In this situation, just restore the BIOS to its default status.

9. Power Issues

Even though your computer is configured with the latest and advanced hardware, if frequent power issues, like insufficient power supply or abrupt power surge, happens to your PC, next time when you boot the PC, it will be likely to freeze. So, it is recommended to equip your PC with an uninterruptible power supply (UPS).

10. Improper Connection to External Device

External devices here refer to a mouse, keyboard, gaming console, external drive and so on. When you connect the device to your computer externally by USB port, if something wrong occurs, your computer system will suddenly freeze or even shut down.

11. Overheat

When you discover that the temperature of your computer system processor is higher than normal, there are great chances that the computer may freeze. You can identify if it is overheated, you can check if there are any strange noise, which may be caused by the fan, when the PC starts up.

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