11 Best Word Questionnaire Template Sites (2024) [FREE]

1. Introduction

1.1 Importance of Word Questionnaire Template Site

A Word questionnaire template site is an incredibly useful resource for businesses, educationalers, researchers, and anyone else who needs to gather information from a group of people. These templates often feature a variety of different question types and formats, ranging from simple multiple choice questions to more complex matrix questions and even open-ended text responses.

The main advantage of using a questionnaire template site is that it saves time and effort. There’s no need to design your own questionnaire from scratch; instead, you can choose from a wide range of professionally designed templates that are ready to use. Plus, these templates are typically fully customizable, so you can tweak them to suit your specific needs.

Word Questionnaire Template Site Introduction

1.2 Objectives of this Comparison

This comparison aims to provide a comprehensive and unbiased review of some of the most popular Word questionnaire template sites. We will be evaluating each site based on a number of criteria, including the range and quality of templates available, the level of customizability, the ease of use, and the overall user experience.

Our goal is to help you make an informed decision about which Word questionnaire template site is the best fit for your needs. We understand that what works best for one person might not work as well for another, so we’ve tried to provide a balanced overview that covers a variety of different use cases and preferences.

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2. TemplateLab Questionnaire Templates (Word)

TemplateLab provides a variety of Word questionnaire templates designed for diverse sectors like education, business, health care, and market sectors. The site is well-organized and facilitates easy search and download of numerous types of templates.

TemplateLab Questionnaire Templates (Word)

2.1 Pros

  • Variety: TemplateLab offers a broad array of templates to cater to various sectors, boosting its appeal to a wide scope of users.
  • Ease of Use: The website is user-friendly, simple to navigate, and templates can be downloaded swiftly and effortlessly.
  • Flexible: The Word templates are easy to customize, which is crucial for users who wish to tailor the questionnaire to their specific needs.

2.2 Cons

  • Limited Customization: Although TemplateLab’s questionnaire templates are editable, they might not provide wide customization options compared to other specialized questionnaire creation tools.
  • Lack of Guidance: The site does not offer step by step guidelines or suggestions for creating efficient questionnaires.

3. Template.Net Questionnaire Templates In Word Format

Template.Net is an online platform that provides a wide array of MS Word questionnaire templates ranging from research, health, business subjects, and more. This platform specializes in providing premium templates and also offers a selection of free downloads.

Template.Net Questionnaire Templates In Word Format

3.1 Pros

  • Diversity: Template.Net offers a vast range of questionnaire templates in different areas and industries, making it versatile for different users.
  • Premium Quality: The templates provided by Template.Net are of high quality with professional designs, offering users a premium feel and look.
  • User-Friendly: The website is easy to navigate, and the download process is straightforward.

3.2 Cons

  • Premium Cost: While Template.Net offers some free templates, most of the high-quality templates come with a cost, which could be a deterrent for users seeking free resources.
  • Sign-Up: Users are required to sign up to download any of the templates, which could be inconvenient for some.

4. Business Form Template Questionnaire Template

Business Form Template is an online platform that specializes in delivering a variety of customizable business forms in multiple formats, including questionnaires. They cater mainly but not exclusively to business-related needs and consistently update their collection with new additions.

Business Form Template Questionnaire Template

4.1 Pros

  • Business-Oriented: The platform caters specifically to business needs, offering questionnaires tailored for corporate use.
  • Updated Collection: The site regularly updates its list of templates to keep up with changing market needs and trends.
  • Multiple Formats: Besides Word format, templates are also offered in PDF and ODT formats, providing flexibility to users.

4.2 Cons

  • Limited Scope: While it excels in business forms, it may have fewer offerings when it comes to educational, research, and other non-business fields.
  • Paywall for High Quality: While there are free templates available, the higher quality, more detailed templates often require a purchase.

5. Envato Tuts+ MS Word Questionnaire Template Examples To Download (2024)

Envato Tuts+ is an educational platform with resources for creative and technical skills including a variety of Word questionnaire templates. Apart from ready-made templates, the site also provides educational content and tutorial guides for users to understand how to create effective questionnaires.

Envato Tuts+ MS Word Questionnaire Template Examples To Download (2024)

5.1 Pros

  • Educational Resources: Envato Tuts+ doesn’t just offer templates, but also provides tutorials and resources for creating and customizing effective questionnaires.
  • Diverse Selection: The platform offers a broad selection of questionnaire templates, catering to various industries and purposes.
  • Quality Content: Templates from Envato Tuts+ are high in quality and professional-looking.

5.2 Cons

  • Subscription Required: To access most of the high-quality templates and educational content, a premium subscription is required.
  • Complexity for Beginners: With all its features and rich content, the site may be overwhelming for beginners or users seeking a simple, straightforward questionnaire template.

6. Sample Templates Questionnaire Samples

Sample Templates is a versatile platform that caters to a variety of template needs, including questionnaire samples. With a wide range of offerings across multiple sectors, its questionnaire templates are designed to cater to a vast audience, from researchers and students to businesses.

Sample Templates Questionnaire Samples

6.1 Pros

  • Versatility: Sample Templates provides a broad array of questionnaire templates catering to various fields and uses.
  • User-Friendly: The website’s simple, intuitive design makes searching for and downloading templates easy and hassle-free.
  • Free Access: All templates, including their questionnaire samples, can be downloaded for free, making it accessible to all users.

6.2 Cons

  • Generic Design: While they offer a multitude of templates, the design can be somewhat generic and may not suit users looking for highly unique or branded questionnaires.
  • Ads: The website contains display ads, which might distract users during their site navigation.

7. WPS Questionnaire Template Word

WPS Office provides Word questionnaire templates for a range of needs, especially focused on corporate, educational, and research areas. These templates can seamlessly integrate within the WPS Office suite, making them user-friendly for those already familiar with WPS products.

WPS Questionnaire Template Word

7.1 Pros

  • Integration with WPS Software: These templates can be integrated seamlessly into the WPS Office suite, making it convenient for people already using WPS products.
  • Useful Guides: The site provides quick tutorials and guides on uses of templates, adding a valuable educational aspect.
  • Diversity: WPS offers a variety of questionnaire templates catering to different sectors and uses.

7.2 Cons

  • Limited to WPS Users: The full potential of these templates is best realized within the WPS Office suite, which might limit their appeal to non-WPS users.
  • Limited Free Templates: While some templates are free, many premium templates require a subscription to WPS Office, which can be a con for users who don’t want to pay.

8. Etsy LeafloveSpace Questionnaire Template

Etsy’s LeafloveSpace offers a range of unique, handcrafted Word questionnaire templates. These templates, sometimes paired with matching stationery sets, are beautifully crafted and geared toward particular needs like weddings, events, or personal journals.

Etsy LeafloveSpace Questionnaire Template

8.1 Pros

  • Unique, Artistic Designs: Unlike standard templates, those found on Etsy’s LeafloveSpace are custom-crafted, offering a unique, personal touch to your questionnaires.
  • Specialized Templates: The templates are often designed for specific events or needs, such as wedding questionnaires or personal journaling.
  • Supports Small Businesses: Purchasing from this Etsy store helps support small businesses.

8.2 Cons

  • Cost: Unlike most template sites, these are not free and require a purchase.
  • Limited Versatility: The specialized nature of these templates may limit their broad applicability.
  • Dependency on the Seller: As this is an Etsy shop, availability and response times are dependent on the seller.

9. Best Collections Questionnaire Templates & Examples [MS Word]

Best Collections is an online resource offering a variety of Word questionnaire templates for different needs. Their collection is well-segmented, and they aim to provide templates that are both practical and efficient for a range of business and personal applications.

Best Collections Questionnaire Templates & Examples [MS Word]

9.1 Pros

  • Broad Range: The website hosts a wide range of questionnaire templates suitable for diverse applications.
  • Well-Organized: The site has a well-structured layout enabling users to easily navigate and search for their specific needs.
  • Practical Design: Templates from Best Collections are designed to be functional and effectively allow for efficient data collection.

9.2 Cons

  • Limited Aesthetic Appeal: Compared to some other sites, the templates from Best Collections may not have as much aesthetic appeal.
  • Limited Customization: The options for customizing these templates might be restricted compared to other template websites.

10. BestTemplates Questionnaire Template

BestTemplates is a robust online platform offering high-quality, professional Word questionnaire templates. This includes a broad spectrum ranging from industry-specific questionnaires to more common uses such as customer satisfaction and feedback forms.

BestTemplates Questionnaire Template

10.1 Pros

  • High Quality: The site offers high-quality, professional templates, ensuring an attractive and organized look for your questionnaires.
  • Wide Array: With a broad range of templates available, users can find questionnaire templates suitable for numerous applications across industries.
  • Easy to Use: The templates are easy to download and customize according to user requirements.

10.2 Cons

  • Cost: Many of the best templates on the site are not free, and accessing them requires a purchase, which may deter some users.
  • Registration Required: Users need to register and log in to their account before being able to download templates, which could be seen as an inconvenient step.

11. TutKit Sample Employee Survey – Questionnaire Template For Word, Indesign, As A Google Form And Pdf

TutKit offers a comprehensive solution for creating structured and effective surveys, including an extensive range of questionnaire templates in multiple formats. These are aimed at businesses seeking valuable employee feedback and insights to improve their operational efficiency and workspace environment.

TutKit Sample Employee Survey - Questionnaire Template For Word

11.1 Pros

  • Multiple Formats: The site offers templates not only in Word format but also in InDesign, as a Google Form, and PDF, providing choice and flexibility to users.
  • Focus on Employee Surveys: The focus on employee surveys helps corporations gather valuable, focused insights from their workforce.
  • Structured Data Collection: Templates are designed in a structured manner to gather relevant data in a systematic way.

11.2 Cons

  • Cost: The site operates on a subscription model, so access to these templates comes with cost, potentially limiting some users.
  • Specific Focus: The specific focus on employee surveys may limit their use for other types of surveys and questionnaires.

12. TemplateMonster Questionnaire Template

TemplateMonster offers a broad range of digital products, including Word questionnaire templates. Known for its professional and high-quality designs, TemplateMonster templates cater to a variety of needs and sectors. Their forms are editable and customizable, providing a user-friendly experience.

TemplateMonster Questionnaire Template

12.1 Pros

  • Professional Designs: TemplateMonster is well-regarded for its professional and aesthetically pleasing questionnaire templates.
  • Editable and Customizable: The available templates are editable, allowing users to adjust them to fit their specific requirements.
  • Wide Variety: With a large collection of templates available, users have a wide array of options to choose from for their various needs.

12.2 Cons

  • Premium Cost: Many of the professional templates come with a cost, potentially becoming an obstacle for users looking for free resources.
  • Account Registration Required: Users need to create an account to access and download the templates, which can be seen as an extra step in the process.

13. Summary

13.1 Overall Comparison Table

Site Template Count Features Price Customer Support
TemplateLab Questionnaire Templates (Word) 50+ Wide variety, Easy to use, Editable Free Email support
Template.Net Questionnaire Templates In Word Format 100+ Premium Quality, Diversified selection Premium Email, Live chat
Business Form Template Questionnaire Template 50+ Business-oriented, Regular updates, Multiple formats Free and Premium Contact form
Envato Tuts+ MS Word Questionnaire Template Examples To Download (2024) 100+ Tutorials and Resources, Diverse selection, High quality Premium Help center, Community forum
Sample Templates Questionnaire Samples 100+ Wide variety, User-friendly, Free Access Free Contact form
WPS Questionnaire Template Word 100+ Integration with WPS products, Educational guides Free and Premium Contact form, FAQ
Etsy LeafloveSpace Questionnaire Template Handcrafted Unique Designs, Specialized templates Premium Direct contact with seller
Best Collections Questionnaire Templates & Examples [MS Word] 100+ Broad range, Well-Organized, Functional design Free Contact form
BestTemplates Questionnaire Template Hundreds High-quality, Wide variety, Easy to use Premium Email Support, Help Articles
TutKit Sample Employee Survey – Questionnaire Template For Word, Indesign, As A Google Form And Pdf Various Multiple formats, Focus on employee surveys, Structured design Premium Email support
TemplateMonster Questionnaire Template Thousands Professional designs, Wide variety, Editable Premium Email Support, FAQs, Forums

13.2 Recommended Template Site Based on Various Needs

For a wide variety of templates, TemplateLab and Sample Templates offer a broad range of free options. If the emphasis is on professional designs, options like Template.Net and TemplateMonster provide high-quality premium templates. For those seeking templates for specific needs such as employee surveys, TutKit is a great resource. For unique, handcrafted designs, Etsy’s LeafLoveSpace is the recommended destination.

14. Conclusion

14.1 Final Thoughts and Takeaways for Choosing a Word Questionnaire Template Site

Choosing the right Word questionnaire template site hugely depends on the specific needs of the user. Different platforms excel in different areas, be it the variety of templates, professional designs, unique offerings, or user-friendly interfaces.

Word Questionnaire Template Site Conclusion

Users who are specific about free access might prefer platforms like TemplateLab or Sample Templates. However, those who appreciate premium designs and do not mind a small cost may opt for TemplateMonster or Template.Net.

It’s important to remember that the best Word questionnaire template site will vary from one user to another, depending on their unique requirements and preference. Understanding your needs and reviewing the offerings of each site is crucial to make a choice that best fits your scenario.

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