11 Best Excel Software Tools (2024) [FREE DOWNLOAD]

1. Introduction

With digital data becoming an essential part of our lives and businesses, the use of spreadsheets is increasing in every industry. The Microsoft Excel software is widely used to record, analyze, and visualize data. However, there are a variety of additional tools that can enhance the Excel experience, improving efficiency and productivity. This article presents some of the best Excel software tools that can help users in different ways, such as repairing Excel files, removing duplicates, file conversion, etc.

Excel software tools

Each chapter will provide a brief introduction to the tool and explore its features. Whether you need to split your Excel file into multiple smaller ones, recover lost data, or convert your Excel sheets into other formats, there’s a tool listed here that can do it. Read further to discover helpful tools that can expand your Excel capabilities.

2. DataNumen Excel Repair

DataNumen Excel Repair is a powerful tool designed to repair corrupted Excel (.xls and .xlsx) files. Whether the corruption occurred due to a system crash, virus, power failure, or any other reason, this tool can claw back as much of your data as possible, minimizing the loss in file corruption.DataNumen Excel Repair

2.1 Features

  • Powerful Repair: It can effectively recover cell data, table styles, row/column structure, as well as the formatting, images, charts or other objects within the spreadsheets.
  • Batch Repair: For extensive damage or multiple corrupted files, DataNumen Excel Repair allows you to repair in batch, saving your time and effort.
  • Support for Large Files: No matter what the size of the Excel sheet, it can repair anything without faltering, including file sizes up to 16777216 TB.
  • Detailed Log Reports: It can generate full detailed log reports of the repair process, allowing you to understand how the recovery unfolded.
  • Drag & Drop Support: Just drag your damaged Excel files and drop them into the program for an effortless repair.
  • Wide Compatibility: It’s compatible with all versions of Excel including 95, 97, 2000, XP, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019 and Excel for Office 365.

3. LantechSoft Excel File Splitter

LantechSoft Excel File Splitter is an innovative tool designed to split a large Excel file into smaller, more manageable files based on the number of rows or columns. It is extremely useful for people who handle a vast amount of data in Excel, making large datasets easier to handle and augmenting data processing performance.LantechSoft Excel File Splitter

3.1 Features

  • Split by Rows or Columns: This tool allows you to split the Excel files based on the number of rows or columns, providing flexibility in managing data.
  • Duplicates Actions: You can choose to either keep or delete the duplicate entries during the splitting process, avoiding unnecessary clutter.
  • User-friendly Interface: With a simple graphical interface, the tool is easy to understand and use, even for beginners.
  • Batch Processing: It can handle multiple files at the same time, saving you alot of effort and making the task efficient.
  • Compatibility: LantechSoft Excel File Splitter supports Excel versions 2007, 2010, and 2013.
  • Instant Preview: Before the splitting process, you can preview the data and make sure it aligns with your splitting requirements.

4. Zoho Sheet

Zoho Sheet is an online spreadsheet application that provides robust Excel support in the cloud. With Zoho Sheet, you can create, edit, share and collaborate on Excel files in real-time. It includes advanced Excel features like pivot tables and data validation, all preserved when you import your Excel files in Zoho Sheet.Zoho Sheet

4.1 Features

  • Cloud-based Editing: Create, edit, and save Excel files online, allowing you to work on your spreadsheets anytime, anywhere, from any device.
  • Collaboration: This tool enables real-time collaboration, letting multiple users work on the same file at the same time and communicate using built-in chat.
  • Data Validation: The data validation feature is preserved when importing Excel files, maintaining data integrity.
  • Pivot Tables: Users can create pivot tables, using their Excel data to summarize and analyze information effectively.
  • Version History: Zoho Sheet keeps track of all changes made, letting you go back to past versions, thus providing a safety net for your data.
  • Advanced Analytics: It includes several advanced options for data analysis like sparklines, combo charts, slicers, and so on.

5. Ablebits Duplicate Remover for Excel

Ablebits Duplicate Remover for Excel is an invaluable tool that helps you quickly find and remove duplicates or unique records in your Excel sheets. Armed with a special algorithm, it provides fast and accurate results, saving time and ensuring data cleanliness.Ablebits Duplicate Remover for Excel

5.1 Features

  • Identify Duplicates: Not only can it identify and remove duplicated rows, but it can also on demand highlight them in different colors.
  • Remove Unique Records: Besides eliminating duplicates, it allows to easily delete or highlight unique entries.
  • Search Across Worksheets: You can search for duplicates or uniques not only within a single sheet but in multiple worksheets or even across multiple workbooks.
  • Consolidate Similar Rows: Assuming your dataset contains similar, but not 100% identical rows, this tool can consolidate them based on the specific column(s) you select.
  • Compare Two Lists: The tool facilitates the comparison of two Excel lists for duplicates, similar to how a VLOOKUP function would work, but in a more user-friendly way.
  • Make Use of Advanced Options: Ablebits Duplicate Remover provides advanced options to refine the search for duplicates or uniques, including the ability to consider or ignore cell formatting, empty cells, and more.

6. SysTools Excel Recovery software

SysTools Excel Recovery software is a reliable tool for recovering corrupted or damaged Excel (.xls, .xlsx) files. It effectively resolves issues like file corruption, unresponsiveness, or any other errors one might encounter with their Excel files. This tool minimizes data loss and recovers maximum possible data from a corrupted Excel file.SysTools Excel Recovery software

6.1 Features

  • Excel File Recovery: SysTools recovery software is capable of repairing and recovering Excel files, restoring all spreadsheet data intact.
  • Multiple Files Recovery: The tool supports the simultaneous recovery of multiple Excel files, making the process faster and more efficient.
  • Preview Functionality: Users can preview all recoverable Excel file data before saving it, ensuring they are satisfied with the results.
  • Strong Compatibility: This recovery tool supports all major versions of Excel including 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, and 2003.
  • Different Recovery Modes: The software provides two recovery modes: Add File(s) mode for adding and repairing single or multiple Excel files, and Add folder mode for adding and repairing files from a folder.
  • File Save Options: Users can choose to either create a new workbook for the recovered data or save it back to the original file.

7. FineReport

FineReport is a high-efficiency reporting tool designed to help users extract and view data in an efficient manner. It makes data analysis and visualization much easier, streamlining the process of decision making. With a user-friendly interface, it also enables non-technical users to operate BI functions effortlessly.FineReport

7.1 Features

  • Dynamic Reports: With FineReport, you can create dynamic visual reports based on your Excel data, enhancing data interpretation.
  • Drag & Drop Functionality: This tool allows you to create reports with a simple drag and drop, making the process quick and hassle-free.
  • Data Drill-Down: It allows for the “drilling down” of data to dissect complex information sets in a more granular manner.
  • Scheduled Reporting: Users can set up scheduled reporting to ensure timely and consistent generation and delivery of reports.
  • Multi-Dimensional Analysis: The tool supports multi-dimensional analysis and decision-making modeling, enabling comprehensive and accurate business intelligence.
  • Customizable Dashboard: FineReport provides an easy-to-use dashboard that users can customize to meet their specific needs and preferences.

8. DBConvert for MS Excel

DBConvert for MS Excel is a highly efficient tool that easily transfers Excel data to SQL Server database and vice versa. It provides smooth conversion and synchronization between these platforms, ensuring a quicker and more secure way of managing data transfer.DBConvert for MS Excel

8.1 Features

  • Excel to SQL Conversion: DBConvert provides seamless conversion of Excel data into a SQL Server database format.
  • SQL to Excel Conversion: It smoothly transfers data from SQL Server database to MS Excel format.
  • Bi-directional Synchronization: The tool provides synchronized updates between an Excel file and a SQL Server database, ensuring the data is up-to-date in both platforms.
  • Command Line Interface: DBConvert allows users to automate and run batch tasks through command line interface, providing flexibility and efficiency to the user.
  • Data Filters: Its robust filtering options can convert and sync selected data, ensuring only relevant data is transferred.
  • Schema Mapping: This tool allows you to map one type of Excel data to another when migrating or syncing between databases.

9. Dux Excel to Access Converter

Dux Excel to Access Converter is a powerful data conversion tool that can swiftly convert Excel data into MS Access format, and vice-versa. It can handle both .xls and .xlsx formats, and it’s ideal for users who deal with both Excel and Access databases and require smooth and effective data migration.Dux Excel to Access Converter

9.1 Features

  • Excel to Access Conversion: This software can rapidly convert Excel data (.xls or .xlsx) into Access database format.
  • Access to Excel Conversion: It can also convert Access data into Excel format efficiently, providing a two-way data conversion operation.
  • Fast Conversion: Dux Converter provides speedy data conversion, optimizing your workflow and saving valuable time.
  • Data Integrity: While converting data, this tool maintains the original structure and formatting, ensuring data integrity is not compromised.
  • Batch Conversion: Dux allows users to convert multiple Excel files at a time, making the conversion process more efficient.
  • Wide Compatibility: This tool is compatible with all versions of MS Excel and Access, providing a broad range of operability.

10. Aspose EXCEL to CSV Converter

Aspose EXCEL to CSV Converter is a dedicated converter tool designed to convert Excel files to CSV format quickly and efficiently. It provides a simple and user-friendly interface to convert files online without the need for any software installation. With this handy tool, the conversion of Excel files to CSV format becomes as easy as a few clicks.Aspose EXCEL to CSV Converter

10.1 Features

  • Easy Conversion: This tool can swiftly convert any Excel file into CSV format, regardless of its size or complexity.
  • Online Operation: As an online tool, it empowers you to convert files anytime and anywhere without any software installation.
  • Data Security: Aspose promises to maintain the privacy of your data, deleting your files after the conversion process.
  • High-Quality Conversion: It provides high-quality conversion while maintaining the original structure and format of the data.
  • Supports Multiple Formats: In addition to converting Excel to CSV, Aspose can handle various formats like XLSX, XLS, XLSM, XLSB, ODS, and others.
  • Easy to Use: With its user-friendly interface, Aspose EXCEL to CSV Converter simplifies the conversion process and can be used even by beginners.

11. Kutools for Excel

Kutools for Excel is a powerful add-on that frees you from performing time-consuming operations in Excel. With an extensive collection of advanced features, it enhances Excel’s capabilities, making it more powerful and flexible. Be it complex operations, formula manipulation, or data processing, Kutools makes it all easier and more intuitive.Kutools for Excel

11.1 Features

  • Multi-functional Tools: Kutools provides 300+ advanced features to simplify complicated operations, improving productivity and efficiency.
  • Formula Group: It provides a complete set of tools for daily formula operations like replacing formulas, exact copy, converting formulas to text, and more.
  • Data Group: Kutools also includes numerous tools for data operations like advanced sorting, merging, complex filtering, and accessing the AutoText pane, among other things.
  • Workbook & Worksheet Group: Using this group of tools, users can perform actions like hiding/unhiding multiple sheets, protecting worksheets, copying worksheets, and more.
  • Range Converter: This tool helps to perform different operations with ranges, such as converting a range to text, dates, numbers, etc.
  • Compatibility: Kutools is compatible with Office’s newer versions, extending its benefits to a large user-base.

12. Logicim XLGL

Logicim XLGL is an Excel add-on designed to empower Excel users by introducing advanced financial and business intelligence functionality. Designed with accountants and finance professionals in mind, XLGL provides quick and easy access to your accounting data and also facilitates report creation, data analysis and financial modeling without leaving Excel.Logicim XLGL

12.1 Features

  • Data Connectivity: Logicim XLGL lets you connect directly to your financial data sources, allowing for real-time data accessibility and manipulation in Excel.
  • Advanced Financial Functions: It comes with a robust suite of financial functions that make financial modelling and complex calculations in Excel easier and faster.
  • Automated Reporting: The tool simplifies the generation of financial reports, with options for automated report schedules and distribution.
  • Periodic Reporting: XLGL supports periodic reporting, allowing you to define dynamic period structures such as fiscal quarters, years, and other custom period structures.
  • Multi-dimensional Analysis: The tool supports multi-dimensional analysis for dissecting complex financial data and gaining insights.
  • Financial Charts and Visualization: It provides advanced charting options for visual interpretation of your financial data, making reports more communicable.

13. Conclusion

In conclusion, the aforementioned tools significantly boost the capabilities of MS Excel, providing added functionality and convenience that streamline and simplify varied tasks. Each tool offering unique features from data repair, conversion, removal of duplicates to visualization, and advanced financial reporting. All these tools when used optimally can save significant time and resources while executing operations in Excel. Take some time to explore these tools and consider those that align most with your specific needs to help enhance your Excel experience.MS Excel tools

Author Introduction:

Vera Chen is a data recovery expert in DataNumen, which provides a wide range of products, including a tool to repair corrupt Access databases.

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