11 Best Excel Document Recovery Tools (2024) [FREE DOWNLOAD]

1. Introduction

In today’s digital era, the importance of data and its maintenance is unparalleled. Microsoft Excel is a widely used tool for managing and storing a spectrum of data. However, issues like data corruption can pose a significant challenge, leading to potential losses of valuable data. That’s when Excel Document Recovery tools come into the picture, providing solutions to recover the unsaved, lost, or damaged Excel files.Excel Document Recovery Tools Introduction

1.1 Importance of Excel Document Recovery tool

Excel Document Recovery tools are integral to any professional or individual who heavily relies on Excel for data management. These tools allow you to retrieve data that may have been accidentally deleted or unsaved due to issues like sudden power cutoff, application crash, virus attacks, or computer malfunction. Moreover, they become a lifeline when your Excel file gets corrupted and becomes inaccessible. These tools are engineered to recover the maximum content possible, ensuring minimal data loss.

1.2 Objectives of this Comparison

The purpose of this comparison is to provide an in-depth review and analysis of various Excel Document Recovery tools available in the market. The comparison aims to illucidate the pros and cons of each software, giving readers a clear understanding and helping them make the right choice based on their specific needs. The selected tools will be evaluated on various parameters such as performance, usability, feature set, support, and pricing.

2. DataNumen Excel Repair

DataNumen Excel Repair is a powerful tool that attempts to recover as much of your data as it can from corrupted or damaged Excel files. It claims an unsurpassed recovery rate, which makes it stand out from other similar tools available in the market.

This recovery tool is designed to repair corrupted Excel documents, retrieving various file objects such as cell data, charts, formulas, and more. It supports .xls and .xlsx file formats, assisting in dealing with Excel issues without needing specific tech expertise. DataNumen aims to bring your valuable data in corrupted files back to life efficiently and effectively.DataNumen Excel Repair

2.1 Pros

  • High Recovery Rate: Emphasizing its high recovery rate, DataNumen claims to be the best repair tool in the industry.
  • Comprehensive Data Recovery: It is capable of recovering cell data, formulas, images, charts, and even merged cells.
  • Broad File Support: Supports .xls and .xlsx files, covering a wide range of Excel versions.
  • User Friendly: The software is simple and easy to use, providing a path of less resistance for non-tech savvy users.

2.2 Cons

  • Cost: Although the software provides a demo version, the actual product is quite pricey compared to some other options.
  • Interface Outdated: The user interface is a bit outdated and could use a modern refresh.

3. Softaken Excel Repair

Softaken Excel Repair is a dedicated and efficient tool for repairing and restoring damaged excel files. It is known for its simplicity and effectiveness when it comes to recovering data from various Excel file types.

Softaken Excel Repair tool is designed to fix various forms of corruption, errors, or damages in Excel files. It supports multiple Excel versions, including .xls and .xlsx files. The tool demonstrates its proficiency in restoring Excel spreadsheets while retaining the original data, including charts, cell comments, images, formulas, and more.Softaken Excel Repair

3.1 Pros

  • Wide File Compatibility: The tool supports recovery from .xls and .xlsx files, thereby covering many versions of Excel.
  • Preview Feature: Users can preview the recovered data before saving, allowing them to selectively pick items for saving.
  • Maintains Data Integrity: After recovery, the structure of the data, as well as its original format remains intact.
  • Efficient Recovery: From simple to complex corruption issues, this tool can repair and recover a wide range of file issues.

3.2 Cons

  • Usability: Some users may find the interface rather technical and not as user-friendly as it could be.
  • Cost: The tool offers a free trial, but full features are only available in the paid version.
  • Possibility of Incomplete Recovery: There are occasional reports of files failing to be completely recovered, especially with highly corrupted files.

4. iCare Data Recovery Pro

iCare Data Recovery Pro is more than just an excel recovery tool, it’s a comprehensive solution for all types of data recovery, including from external devices and partitions.

iCare Data Recovery Pro is a versatile recovery solution designed to handle a plethora of file types, not limited to Excel files. Its main features include recovering lost files from partitions, external devices, and after a malware attack. This robust tool manages the technical side of data recovery while maintaining a clean and approachable user interface.iCare Data Recovery Pro

4.1 Pros

  • Comprehensive Recovery: Not only limited to Excel files, but it also works with a variety of file types and devices.
  • Versatile: Recovers data from lost partitions, deleted files, or external devices.
  • User-friendly: Offers an intuitive and accessible user interface, putting ease of use at the forefront.
  • Preview Option: Enables users to preview the recoverable files before starting the recovery process.

4.2 Cons

  • Recovery Limitation: The free version of the software has a data recovery limit of 1GB.
  • Performance Variation: The success rate of recovery can vary depending on the extent of file corruption.
  • Slow Scanning: The scanning process can be quite slow, especially for larger file sizes or drives.

5. Magic Excel Recovery Software

Magic Excel Recovery Software is a dedicated tool specifically designed for recovering Excel files in various circumstances. It boasts a combination of modern, sophisticated algorithms with a user-friendly interface.

With Magic Excel Recovery, you can recover deleted files, retrieve data from formatted drives, and repair corrupted spreadsheets. It keeps the original formatting and structure of your Excel documents intact while recovering your vital data. This tool also supports all types of .xls, .xlt, .xlsx, .xlsm, .xltm, .xltx and .xlam files.Magic Excel Recovery Software

5.1 Pros

  • Wide Range of File Support: Supports all the different types of Excel file formats, thereby offering a broader range of usability.
  • Advanced Recovery Mechanisms: Employs sophisticated algorithms coupled with easy-to-use recovery processes.
  • Preview Before Recovery: The software allows users to preview files before carrying out the recovery process, providing an opportunity to selectively restore files.
  • Retains Formatting: Magic Excel Recovery retains all original structures and formatting, ensuring data integrity is maintained.

5.2 Cons

  • Pricey: Even though it comes with a comprehensive range of features, the cost might be a deterrent for some users.
  • Recovery Speed: The recovery process can sometimes be time-consuming, especially for larger files.
  • Limited Free Version: The free version of the tool has limitations and requires upgrading for full file recovery functionality.

6. Online File Repair Service

The Online File Repair Service offers a web-based solution for Excel file recovery, eliminating the need for software downloads and installations.

Online File Repair Service provides a convenient online platform to fix corrupted Excel files. It’s a cloud-based solution that helps users repair their documents on any device, whether it’s desktop or mobile. With a simple procedure, it permits repair of your Excel files anytime, anywhere – all you need is an Internet connection.Online File Repair Service

6.1 Pros

  • No Installation Needed: Due to its online nature, this tool requires no installation, offering quick file repair without the hassle of software setup.
  • Universal Accessibility: All that is essential is an Internet connection, meaning you can access the file repair service from any device.
  • Supports All Excel Formats: This service supports all types of Excel files, including both .xls and .xlsx file formats.
  • Easy-to-use: The file repair process is simple and self-explanatory, offering an intuitive and user-friendly interface.

6.2 Cons

  • Security Concerns: Given its online nature, individuals or companies with sensitive data might have concerns about data security.
  • Data Limitations: Repair of very large files may be challenging due to upload and download constraints.
  • Requires Internet Connection: It won’t function offline, which might pose a problem if you’re working in locations with unstable or no Internet access.

7. Repair Excel File ONLINE

Repair Excel File ONLINE is a cloud-based service offering an easy-to-use solution for recovering corrupted or broken Excel files directly from your browser.

Repair Excel File ONLINE is a web-based tool proficient in restoring data from corrupted Excel files. It provides an immediate solution without requiring the user to download or install any software. The service supports all versions of MS Excel, and it works on any OS that supports a modern web browser.Repair Excel File ONLINE

7.1 Pros

  • Convenient and Easy to Use: The cloud-based tool can be accessed and used from any device, as long as it has an Internet connection and a web browser.
  • Supports All Excel versions: Handles every kind of Excel file type, whether new or old, with equal proficiency.
  • No Software Download: Since it’s an online tool, it eliminates the need for downloading and installing software on your system.
  • Instantaneous Recovery: It offers an instant recovery option for urgent repair needs.

7.2 Cons

  • File Size Limit: Recovery of larger files could be an issue due to upload and download restrictions.
  • Security Concerns: Since the tool is online, concerns about the security of sensitive data could arise.
  • Dependency on Internet: You need a steady and reliable internet connection to use this service, and it might not be suitable for offline needs.

8. Recoverit Data Recovery by Wondershare

Recoverit Data Recovery by Wondershare is a reputable software known for its comprehensive data recovery features, including Excel file recovery.

Recoverit Data Recovery by Wondershare provides robust solutions for getting back lost or deleted Excel files, as well as files corrupted by malware or virus attacks. It supports a variety of storage devices including hard drives, flash drives, and memory cards. This software stands out with its user-friendly interface and high recovery rates.Recoverit Data Recovery by Wondershare

8.1 Pros

  • High Recovery Rate: Boasts one of the highest data recovery success rates in the industry.
  • Wide Range Support: It supports recovery from a variety of devices, including hard drives, memory cards, flash drives, etc.
  • Ease of Use: The software’s interface is clear and user-friendly, making it accessible to anyone, irrespective of their technical knowledge.
  • Preview before Recovery: Like many other modern recovery tools, it offers a pre-recovery file preview feature.

8.2 Cons

  • Pricey: Though the software offers a free version, full file recovery functionality and support require purchase.
  • Scanning Speed: Some users have reported that deep scan modes can be slow.
  • No Phone Support: Though the software supports various modes of customer service, it lacks phone support.

9. EaseUS Fixo Excel Recovery Tool

EaseUS Fixo Excel Recovery Tool is known for its robust features and user-friendly interface, designed to tackle all kinds of Excel file recovery scenarios.

EaseUS Fixo is a dedicated Excel Recovery Tool that efficiently recovers all .xls and .xlsx files. This includes all types of data such as charts, worksheet properties, cell comments, etc. The software is designed with functionalities that recover files corrupted due to any circumstances like system crashes, virus attacks, power failures, or accidental deletions.EaseUS Fixo Excel Recovery Tool

9.1 Pros

  • Multiple File Recovery: Capable of recovering more than just Excel files, extending its utility to various file formats.
  • User-friendly Interface: It offers an easy-to-use interface, making it accessible to users at all levels of technical knowledge.
  • Can Repair Heavily Damaged Files: It can recover contents of heavily damaged files which some other tools may not be able to handle.
  • Preview Feature: This software allows the user to preview the recoverable files before starting the actual recovery process.

9.2 Cons

  • Cost: Full features can be costly as the free version has limited capabilities.
  • Slow Scanning: The recovery processes, especially for deep scans, can be time-consuming.
  • Confusing Purchase Process: Some users have reported that the purchase process is somewhat confusing, and it’s easy to end up with unwanted additional software.

10. Sysinfo Excel Recovery Software

Sysinfo Excel Recovery Software is a reliable solution for repairs and restores of damaged Excel documents, ensuring minimal data loss and maximum recovery.

Sysinfo Excel Recovery Software provides a comprehensive solution for retrieving lost data from both XLS and XLSX files. It is designed with algorithms capable of combating all types of Excel file corruption. In addition, the software supports multiple recovery modes, giving it the flexibility to deal with various types of corruption scenarios.Sysinfo Excel Recovery Software

10.1 Pros

  • Multiple Recovery Modes: There are modes for quick recovery, deep recovery, and multi-file recovery, which provide a versatile recovery option based upon diverse corruption scenarios.
  • Preview Feature: Gives a real-time preview of the recoverable data before restoring, benefiting users to be selective in the recovery process.
  • Supports All Excel Versions: The tool is compatible with all major Excel versions, providing a broader range of usability.
  • High Recovery Success: Asserts high success rates in recovering maximum possible data from a corrupted Excel file.

10.2 Cons

  • Software Price: The software comes with a cost, and full features are available only in the licensed version.
  • User Interface: Some users find the interface to be relatively basic and less intuitive compared to other tools.
  • Customer Support: Online customer support services could be improved, as reported by some users.

11. MiniTool Power Data Recovery

MiniTool Power Data Recovery stands out as a comprehensive data recovery solution, providing seamless Excel recovery along with numerous other formats.

The MiniTool Power Data Recovery software offers an all-inclusive data recovery solution for various data loss scenarios, from Excel to other diversified file formats. It specializes in restoring deleted files, retrieving data from corrupt or formatted partitions, and also supports external device recovery.MiniTool Power Data Recovery

11.1 Pros

  • All-Round Data Recovery: This tool is renowned for handling a wide variety of data loss scenarios.
  • Easy-to-Use Interface: It has an intuitive and user-friendly design, making it easier to navigate through recovery processes.
  • Supports External Devices: Besides internal files and partition recovery, it also extends its service to external data recovery such as USBs and SD cards.
  • Detailed Preview Function: It allows a detailed preview of the recoverable files before the actual restoration.

11.2 Cons

  • Free Version Restrictions: The free version offers limited data recovery, and you’ll need to go for the paid version to unlock full features.
  • May Be Time-Consuming: Depending on the size and extent of corruption, the recovery process can be a bit slow in some cases.
  • Costly: Many helpful features are only included in the more expensive versions.

12. Stellar Excel File Repair Tool

Stellar Excel File Repair Tool is a renowned software that offers a robust yet user-friendly solution for repairing damaged or corrupted Excel files.

Stellar Excel File Repair is a comprehensive tool designed to fix all kinds of corruption, errors, and damages that occur in Excel files. It supports various Excel versions, including .xls and .xlsx files. The tool effectively restores Excel spreadsheets by preserving the original data structure.Stellar Excel File Repair Tool

12.1 Pros

  • Highly Effective: Stellar claims a high success rate in repairing severely corrupted Excel files.
  • Dual Recovery Modes: Offers standard and advanced recovery modes, providing flexibility in dealing with varied corruption scenarios.
  • Preview Feature: Allows users to preview the repairable contents before actual recovery.
  • Preserves Original Data: Ensures no alteration to the original structure, formatting, and content of the Excel files.

12.2 Cons

  • Cost: Stellar Excel File Repair Tool is more pricey compared to some other available tools.
  • Complex User Interface: Non-tech savvy users may find its interface slightly complex.
  • Slow Recovery: Extremely corrupted or large files may take a significant amount of time to be recovered.

13. Summary

Below, a summary of the comparison is provided to give you an overview and also help you choose the right Excel document recovery tool based on various user needs.

13.1 Best Option for Excel Document Recovery

For Excel document recovery, DataNumen Excel Repair is the best option due to its high recovery rate and good reputation in industry.

13.2 Overall Comparison Table

Tool Recovery Rate Price Features Ease of Use Customer Support
DataNumen Excel Repair Very High High Comprehensive Recovery Very Easy Excellent
Softaken Excel Repair Medium Medium Preview and Selective Recovery Medium Good
iCare Data Recovery Pro Medium Medium Multiple File Types Support High Average
Magic Excel Recovery Software Medium High Multiple Excel Format Support Medium Good
Online File Repair Service Medium High Web-based; Quick recovery High Average
Repair Excel File ONLINE Medium High Online Access; Instant recovery High Average
Recoverit Data Recovery by Wondershare High High Multiple File Types Support High Good
EaseUS Fixo Excel Recovery Tool Medium High Multiple Recovery Modes High Average
Sysinfo Excel Recovery Software Medium High Multiple Recovery Modes Medium Average
MiniTool Power Data Recovery Medium Medium-High Supports Other File Types High Average
Stellar Excel File Repair Tool High High Dual Recovery Modes Medium Good

13.2 Recommended Tool Based on Various Needs

If you seek high recovery rates and comprehensive recovery features and price is not a primary concern, DataNumen Excel Repair is an excellent choice. If ease of use is a priority, iCare Data Recovery Pro and Recoverit Data Recovery by Wondershare, and online solutions like Repair Excel File ONLINE are all user-friendly with an intuitive interface. For the average user with regular needs, MiniTool Power Data Recovery could offer a balanced blend of essential recovery functionalities, price, and ease of use. Always be aware of your specific needs and ensure your selection wholly meets them.

14. Conclusion

By this point, we’ve scrutinized several Excel Document Recovery tools available on the market, shedding light on their features, pros, and cons. While every tool has its strengths and weaknesses, it’s essential to remember that ultimately, the choice must be based on your specific needs.

14.1 Final Thoughts and Takeaways for Choosing an Excel Document Recovery Tool

Choosing the right Excel Document Recovery Tool is paramount to your productivity. Keep in mind that the best tool is the one that caters to your specific needs. High recovery rates, affordability, ease of use, extensive features, and reliable customer support are important considerations. Ultimately, you must strike a balance between these factors to select the tool that not only resolves your file corruption issues but also fits your budget and skill level.

Choosing an Excel Document Recovery Tool

Lastly, it’s always smart to have a reliable data recovery tool at your disposal, as data loss can happen unexpectedly. Regular backups and safe computing practices also go a long way in preventing data loss. On that note, happy recovering, and cheers to zero data loss!

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