11 Best Convert HEIC to PDF Tools (2024) [FREE DOWNLOAD]

1. Introduction

In today’s digital age, the need for effective and efficient file conversion tools cannot be overemphasized. One such essential tool is the Convert HEIC to PDF tool. This tool is designed to convert High Efficiency Image Codec (HEIC) files – a popular image format used by Apple’s iOS and MacOS devices – to Portable Document Format (PDF), a universally accepted file format.Convert HEIC to PDF Tools Introduction

1.1 Importance of Convert HEIC to PDF tool

Understanding the significance of Convert HEIC to PDF tools is a crucial step in appreciating their functionality. This tool is essential for several reasons:

  1. Compatibility: While the HEIC file formats are known for their quality compression capabilities and less storage space consumption, they often present compatibility issues with several devices, especially non-Apple ones. A HEIC to PDF tool, therefore, becomes crucial in making these files more accessible and comprehensible.
  2. Retention of Quality: Converting HEIC to PDF maintains the quality of the image, ensuring no loss of information during the conversion process.
  3. Security: PDF files offer more robust security features like password protection and encryption, ensuring the safe and secured sharing of information.

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1.3 Objectives of this Comparison

This comparison aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of various convert HEIC to PDF tools available in the market, highlighting their main features, advantages, and disadvantages. This analysis will not only help users make an informed choice based on their specific needs but also provide insight into the tool’s overall effectiveness and reliability.

2. Image To PDF

Image to PDF is a robust online tool primarily utilised to complete a variety of conversions, but more pertinently for our analysis, converting HEIC image files to PDF. This tool is user-friendly, requiring minimal steps and technical knowledge to complete the desired conversion.

Image To PDF is a quick, easy-to-use online tool offering HEIC to PDF conversion. With a simple user interface, users can upload their HEIC files, complete the conversion, and download the converted PDFs within minutes. This tool doesn’t require any installations or downloads, making it a convenient choice for on-the-go conversions.Image To PDF

2.1 Pros

  • Quick conversion times: One of the major strengths of the Image to PDF convertor is its fast conversion speed. Within moments of uploading a HEIC image, it can transform it into a high-quality PDF file.
  • Online-based tool: This tool enables users to convert their files online without any need for downloading or installing software. This makes it accessible from any location and device with internet connectivity.
  • User-friendly interface: Navigating through the Image to PDF tool is a curated experience designed with intuitive design and easy steps.

2.2 Cons

  • Limited features without subscription: While Image to PDF is a great tool, it’s important to note that the full range of more advanced features is only available to paid subscribers.
  • Relies on internet connectivity: Being an online-based tool, the Image to PDF converter relies significantly on internet connectivity for its functions. Any glitches, slow-downs, or loss of connectivity can hinder the conversion process.

3. SmallPDF

SmallPDF is among the leading online tools providing a comprehensive set of features for file processing and conversions, including HEIC to PDF conversion. Its aim is to make PDF easy to use and accessible for everyone.

For the task of HEIC to PDF conversion, SmallPDF provides a reliable and easy solution. It operates on a user-friendly platform, where users can simply drag and drop their files for quick conversion. SmallPDF supports batch processing, allowing users to convert multiple files simultaneously, saving valuable time. Besides, it offers a secure environment for conversions, with files being automatically deleted after an hour.SmallPDF

3.1 Pros

  • Multiple-file conversion: SmallPDF allows users to convert multiple HEIC images into PDFs concurrently, enhancing user efficiency and saving time.
  • Secure platform: The platform guarantees user security with its auto-deletion feature. Converted files are automatically erased after one hour, ensuring user confidentiality and discretion.
  • Easy to use: With a drag and drop feature, users can conveniently upload their files for conversion, making SmallPDF a favorite among non-tech savvy users.

3.2 Cons

  • Limited number of free conversions: Users can only convert a limited number of files for free. To enjoy limitless conversions, users must subscribe to the premium version.
  • No offline functionality: Given its online nature, SmallPDF cannot function without a stable internet connection. Offline functionality is not available, creating a dependency on network connectivity for functionality.

4. CloudConvert HEIC to PDF Converter

The CloudConvert tool offers a reliable platform for various file conversions, including converting HEIC files to PDF. This tool positions itself as an all-in-one solution for file conversions.

CloudConvert stands out with its ability to carry out a vast range of file conversions, encompassing over 200 supported file formats. The process of converting HEIC images to PDF is simple and straightforward, allowing the users to convert their files in just a few clicks. In addition, with CloudConvert, users can directly convert files from various cloud storage services like Google Drive and Dropbox.CloudConvert HEIC to PDF Converter

4.1 Pros

  • Wide support for file formats: CloudConvert supports more than 200 file formats, making it a versatile tool for a number of conversion needs.
  • Integration with cloud storage services: Users can easily convert files stored on cloud services like Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, and others, providing a seamless conversion experience.
  • High-quality conversions: Despite the wide range of file format support, CloudConvert maintains high-quality conversions without losing the essence of the files.

4.2 Cons

  • Limited free conversions: CloudConvert allows for a limited range of free conversions. For regular and unlimited conversions, users have to subscribe to a paid plan.
  • Dependency on internet connectivity: As with most online conversion tools, CloudConvert requires a stable internet connection to function effectively, causing potential issues for areas with unstable network conditions.

5. Zamzar HEIC to PDF

Zamzar is another online file conversion service that offers individuals and businesses the ability to transform HEIC files into PDF. Ease of use and efficiency are signature characteristics of Zamzar.

Zamzar provides a simple online platform for converting various file formats, including the conversion of HEIC to PDF. Its user-friendly interface facilitates easy uploading of files either from your device or via a URL. Apart from manual conversions, Zamzar offers an API for businesses that require high-volume conversions.Zamzar HEIC to PDF

5.1 Pros

  • Support for a plethora of file formats: Zamzar supports over 1200 file formats, further solidifying its utility in diverse file conversion scenarios.
  • Email notifications: A unique feature of Zamzar is that users can opt to receive an email notification once their conversion is completed, adding an extra layer of convenience.
  • Speed and efficiency: Zamzar prides itself on its quick conversion speed, allowing users to convert their files without any significant delay.

5.2 Cons

  • Limited free conversions: With Zamzar, the number of free conversions is limited. To increase this limit, users must subscribe to a paid plan.
  • Dependency on internet connection: Since Zamzar is purely online-based, it’s crucial to have a reliable internet connection for smooth functionality. Limitations may arise in areas with poor or inconsistent network coverage.

6. Converter365

Converter365 is an online-based tool built to handle a wide array of file conversion needs including converting HEIC images to PDF format. It has gained popularity due to its user-friendly interface and robust functionality.

As its name suggests, Converter365 is designed to be an all-year-round conversion tool, that allows users to convert HEIC files to PDF with utmost simplicity. This web-based solution doesn’t require any downloads or installations and is easily accessible from any device connected to the internet. Apart from HEIC to PDF, it supports a variety of other image conversions.Converter365

6.1 Pros

  • Free tool: Unlike many other converters, Converter365 stands out with its completely free service, without any hidden costs or required subscriptions.
  • Simplicity: Featuring a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate even for non-tech savvy users; making conversions quick and simple.
  • No registration required: An added convenience is that users can perform an unlimited number of conversions without having to register for an account.

6.2 Cons

  • Dependency on internet connection: As it’s a web-based tool, Converter365’s functionality relies heavily on stable internet connectivity. Without it, users may encounter interruptions or slow conversions.
  • Lack of advanced features: While simple and easy to use, Converter365 lacks advanced features that other tools provide, such as batch conversion, file editing, or customizable output settings.

7. BitRecover HEIC Converter Wizard

BitRecover HEIC Converter Wizard takes a more technical approach to converting HEIC images to PDF, offering a platform with advanced options and greater control for users.

BitRecover HEIC Converter Wizard is designed to offer a more comprehensive and adaptable file conversion experience. The tool can handle multiple file conversions and grants users the ability to choose the quality of their output PDF, amongst other settings. Marketed more to tech-savvy individuals, this software needs to be downloaded and installed onto a device to function.BitRecover HEIC Converter Wizard

7.1 Pros

  • High level of customization: With BitRecover, users have the ability to set the quality of the converted PDF, giving them more control over the process and output.
  • Batch conversion: This tool allows for the concurrent conversion of multiple HEIC files to PDFs, saving time and providing efficiency.
  • Offline functionality: As a downloadable software, BitRecover doesn’t require an internet connection to convert files, offering more reliability and consistency.

7.2 Cons

  • Not browser-based: BitRecover requires users to download and install software which can be seen as a disadvantage by some users who prefer online, no-installation-required tools.
  • Purchase required: To benefit fully from all features, users have to purchase the software, as the free version offers limited functionality.

8. Filestar*

Filestar* provides a professional service for file conversions, including the conversion of HEIC files to PDF format. Unlike many other services, Filestar* operates as a desktop application, offering greater stability during conversions.

As a desktop software, Filestar* allows users to convert their HEIC files to PDF without relying on an internet connection. The software offers a straightforward interface, making it an easy-to-use option for file processing. Aside from basic conversion abilities, Filestar* also boasts features such as batch processing, which can significantly speed up larger tasks.Filestar*

8.1 Pros

  • Batch conversion: Filestar* supports the conversion of multiple HEIC files in one go, thereby saving precious time for the user.
  • Offline functionality: Unlike online conversion tools that require a stable internet connection, Filestar* is a standalone software that can function independently of your internet connectivity.
  • Easy to use: While it may look complex at first, Filestar* actually offers a clean, simple interface that’s easy to use after the initial getting-to-know phase.

8.2 Cons

  • Software installation: As Filestar* is a software application, it requires installation on a desktop or laptop, which may not be convenient for users who prefer online conversion tools.
  • Premium version: While a free version is available, it has limited features. The full set of features are only available in the premium version.

9. Xodo HEIC to PDF Converter

Xodo is a versatile document management tool that provides conversion services as well. Among its many capabilities is the efficient conversion of HEIC files into the more accessible PDF format.

Xodo HEIC to PDF Converter is part of the Xodo document management software that provides a multitude of functionalities centered around reading, annotating, signing, and sharing PDFs. The HEIC to PDF conversion feature stands out for its simplicity and the tool’s multifunctionality.Xodo HEIC to PDF Converter

9.1 Pros

  • Multi-purpose tool: Xodo is more than a file converter. It offers an integrated platform for managing and working with documents, letting users do more with their files after conversion.
  • Collaboration features: Xodo allows real-time collaboration, where users can review documents together, making it a suitable tool for team projects.
  • Available on various platforms: Users can use Xodo on Windows, Android, and iOS, giving them the ability to convert files across various devices.

9.2 Cons

  • Lacks advanced conversion customization: While it handles basic conversion tasks effectively, Xodo may lack some advanced features that other specialized converter tools provide.
  • Can be overwhelming for new users: Given the range of features Xodo provides, it may overwhelm new users who are only looking for a simple conversion tool.

10. FreeConvert HEIC to PDF Converter

FreeConvert HEIC to PDF Converter is an online-based tool that facilitates the straightforward transformation of HEIC image files to PDFs, without any costs involved.

The FreeConvert HEIC to PDF Converter provides a fast and efficient platform for converting HEIC files into the universally accepted PDF format. This tool, capable of batch conversions and maintaining high-quality outputs, is accessible for free and operates directly through any compatible web browser.FreeConvert HEIC to PDF Converter

10.1 Pros

  • Completely free: As the name implies, FreeConvert allows users to convert HEIC files to PDF without incurring any charges.
  • High-quality conversions: Despite being a free tool, it doesn’t compromise on the quality of conversions, maintaining high-resolution PDFs even after conversion.
  • Batch conversion feature: FreeConvert HEIC to PDF Converter supports converting multiple files at once, contributing to better time efficiency.

10.2 Cons

  • Online dependency: Being an online tool, FreeConvert requires a stable internet connection for smooth operation, which might restrict its usage in areas with poor or unreliable internet connectivity.
  • Ad-supported: To keep the service free, the website is ad-supported, which might be distraction for some users.

11. Convertio HEIC to PDF Converter

Featuring a modern interface and efficient file conversion capabilities, Convertio is a go-to platform for converting HEIC files to PDF, among many other format conversions.

Convertio HEIC to PDF Converter is a part of Convertio’s suite of file conversion tools. Users can quickly and conveniently convert HEIC files to PDF format directly in their browser. This tool is online-based, making it accessible on any device with an internet connection, and it also offers cloud storage integration as an added convenience.Convertio HEIC to PDF Converter

11.1 Pros

  • Cloud storage integration: Convertio directly converts files from Google Drive, Dropbox, and even via URL, providing a seamless and efficient conversion process.
  • Multiple file format support: Convertio supports a wide range of file formats, making it a versatile tool for different conversion needs.
  • User-friendly interface: With a modern and easy-to-navigate interface, Convertio provides a straightforward, hassle-free conversion process.

11.2 Cons

  • Requires an internet connection: As the tool is entirely web-based, it requires a stable internet connection to operate properly, which might be a limitation in areas with inconsistent internet coverage.
  • Limited daily conversions for free users: While Convertio offers free conversion services, the number of daily conversions is limited unless you subscribe to a premium plan.

12. PDFgear

PDFgear provides a seamless conversion platform that is able to convert a wide variety of file formats, including HEIC files, to PDFs. Known for its efficiency and speed, PDFgear has become a preferred choice for many users.

Created primarily to facilitate easy conversion of files to PDF, PDFgear extends its abilities to efficiently convert High Efficiency Image Codec (HEIC) files, often used by Apple’s iOS and MacOS devices, to PDF. As a web-based tool, PDFgear can be accessed on any device with an internet connection and it prides itself on its user-friendly interface, designed for speed and simplicity.PDFgear

12.1 Pros

  • Fast conversions: PDFgear delivers rapid conversion of HEIC files to PDF, making it a delightful choice for users constrained by time.
  • User-friendly interface: The interface of PDFgear is simple and intuitive, making it a suitable choice for those who are not tech-savvy.
  • No sign-up required: Users can convert files without the need to sign up or create an account, upholding the tool’s commitment toward ease of access and simplicity.

12.2 Cons

  • Ad-supported: The website is ad-supported. For some users, this may cause distraction or even annoyance during file conversion.
  • Internet-dependent: As a browser-based tool, PDFgear’s functionality relies heavily on internet connectivity, which could be a drawback for users operating in environments with unstable internet.

13. Summary

Having extensively reviewed and examined several HEIC to PDF converter tools available on the market, we can deduce that each has its own strengths and weaknesses, and the choice largely depends on the unique requirements of the user.

13.1 Overall Comparison Table

Tool Features Ease of Use Price Customer Support
Image To PDF Online conversion, High-speed services High Offers free conversions and subscription-based premium features Email support
SmallPDF Multiple-file conversion, secure, user-friendly High Limited free conversions, premium services with subscription Email and FAQ Support
CloudConvert HEIC to PDF Converter Over 200 supported file formats, cloud storage integration High Limited free conversions, premium services with subscription Email Support and User Manual
Zamzar HEIC to PDF Over 1200 supported file formats, email notifications High Limited free conversions, unlimited conversions with paid subscription Email Support, User Guide
Converter365 Free, simple interface, no registration High Free Contact Form on website
BitRecover HEIC Converter Wizard Downloadable software, high level of customization, batch conversion Moderate Paid software Email and Live Chat Support
Filestar* Multiple-file conversion, user-friendly, offline functionality High Freemium with paid version for full features Frequently Asked Questions, Email Support
Xodo HEIC to PDF Converter Integrates with cloud storage, supports multiple platforms, collaboration features High Free Forum, Email Support
FreeConvert HEIC to PDF Converter Offers batch conversion, free High Free Email Support
Convertio HEIC to PDF Converter Cloud storage integration, supports multiple file formats High Limited free conversions, premium services with subscription Email Support, FAQ
PDFgear Fast conversions, intuitive interface High Free Email Support

13.2 Recommended Tool Based on Various Needs

With a multitude of tools available, the choice of the best converter will largely depend on the unique needs and circumstances of each user. For instance, businesses handling large amounts of conversions on a daily basis might find a batch conversion feature beneficial. As such, either BitRecover HEIC Converter Wizard or Filestar* might be the best fit.

For individuals who value simplicity and ease of use, online tools like SmallPDF and Image to PDF prove to be great choices. On the other hand, for users who prefer a free or low-cost option, Converter365 and FreeConvert HEIC to PDF Converter offer powerful conversion capabilities at no charge.

When considering security of your data, platforms like SmallPDF with its auto-deletion feature would be a top choice. Ultimately, the choice of the best HEIC to PDF converter tool will depend on aligning the capabilities of the tool with the specific needs of the user.

14. Conclusion

With the myriad of Convert HEIC to PDF tools to choose from, making a sound decision can be a daunting task. However, by understanding each tool’s pros and cons as well as the specific requirements of the task at hand, this process becomes simpler and more manageable.Choosing a Convert HEIC to PDF Tool

14.1 Final Thoughts and Takeaways for Choosing a Convert HEIC to PDF Tool

When deciding which tool to employ for converting HEIC to PDF, several factors should come into play. Consider the ease of use, the cost, the level of customer support provided, the extent of the tool’s feature set, and crucially, the tool’s capacity to meet your specific needs.

If you frequently handle large sets of images for conversion, opt for tools that facilitate batch conversions. If you prioritize ease of use, choose a tool with a simple, intuitive user interface. If you are on a tight budget, opt for free or low-cost tools. And finally, remember that while online tools may provide convenience, they depend heavily on a stable internet connection.

In conclusion, the task of converting HEIC to PDF does not have to be daunting. By carefully assessing your specific needs and matching them to the features of these tools, you can find the Convert HEIC to PDF tool that best suits your requirements.

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