10 Useful Ways to Get Back Lost Photos on Smartphone Memory Card

Have you ever encountered the case that photos disappear from your smartphone memory card somehow? This article will focus on this issue to tell you how to find back the lost photos.

10 Useful Ways to Get Back Lost Photos on Smartphone Memory CardIt can be quite frustrating that photos disappear from your smartphone memory card for some reasons, especially if these photos are extremely important. As we all know, nowadays, digital photos usually record our significant memories. Thus, when you encounter photo loss on phone memory cards, you will definitely make great efforts to retrieve them. Looking at this issue, the followings will expose 10 effective solutions for you.

1. Reboot the Smartphone

Sometimes, perhaps your smartphone is to blame. Something wrong may occur to your phone. In this situation, rebooting the phone must be the most suggested action. After restarting it successfully, you can re-check if your photos come back. If problem persists, move on to the next way.

2. Re-insert the Memory Card

Most of time, this issue may result from faulty or improper connection between the memory card and smartphone. Therefore, to resolve it, you can simply power off your smartphone, then unplug the card and next re-insert it. Then boot phone as normal and see if phones are back.

3. Kill the Potential Virus/Malware

In addition, if your phone is virus or malware infected, the memory card may be attacked too. In this case, the card data may be corrupted or lost. So, you should try to scan the device and kill all potential viruses. For this, you can use a reliable antivirus application on your phone.

4. Delete the “.nomedia” File

As its name suggests, the “.normedia” file is requesting your smartphone to hide media files from the gallery apps, no matter pictures, videos or music. Therefore, you ought to delete this file. But this file is usually invisible in phone built-in File Explorers. To find and delete this file, you can recur to third party Explorer tool or Windows Explorer.

5. Change the Default Gallery Application

Moreover, this trouble may occur from the faults of gallery application, like any software bugs, which lead to gallery application’s incapacity to display all phones in the memory card. Thereby, you can try another gallery application. If you can see the missing photos, just use the new application instead.

6. Uninstall the Conflicting Applications

Maybe you’ve installed many applications on your smartphone. If some of them are not from trustworthy sources, they may bring out software conflicts that may cause missing photos as well. So, you’d better unmount the conflicting apps right now.

7. Recover from Local Backups

Provided that all the above tips cannot help, it is very likely that you’ve suffered photo loss. Under this circumstance, attempting data recovery is the only way. If you’ve backed up your photos to other data storage media, like your PC drive, you can simply recover from the local backups.

8. Recover from Cloud

Most smartphone users have configured auto data sync to cloud service. If you’ve done this too, you can restore your missing photos from the cloud readily. Just log into your cloud service account and then find and download your desired photos to local phone.

9. Resort to Third Party Recovery Tool

Assuming that you didn’t have effective data backups, the two means above may be useless for you. Faced with this trouble, you can take recourse to a specialized third party data recovery tool, just like Outlook recovery tool for restoring lost PST data on PC.

10. Recur to Third Party Recovery Service

If you are not very confident with your own DIY recovery skills, you had better seek assistance from professional data recovery services. Otherwise, further data damage or loss may be caused due to your own improper operations.

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