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Using DataNumen Outlook Repair to Split Large File into Smaller Ones


With the increasingly rapid growth of the personal communication and information, the Outlook PST file, which contains these data, also expand dramatically. Therefore, sometimes we need to split the large PST file into small ones, for any of the following reasons:

  • Large size of file and large number of items will lead to slow speed in many operations, such as search, moving, etc., so you can split it into small pieces and obtain a more easier and fast management on it.

  • Outlook old versions (97 to 2002) don't support files larger than 2GB, so if your file reaches that limit but you still want to use it with the old versions, then the only way is to split it into small pieces.

If you can access the contents of the large PST file in your Outlook, then you can use Outlook to split it manually.

DataNumen Outlook Repair can help you to split the large PST file into smaller ones.

Step 1 Start DataNumen Outlook Repair.
Note: Before splitting the large PST file with DataNumen Outlook Repair, please close Microsoft Outlook and any other applications that may modify the PST file.
Step 2
Go to "Options" tab, then select the following option:
"Split output PST file when it is larger than xxx MB"

and set the size limit to a value you want the small splitted file be limited to. Please note the unit is MB.

Step 3
Go back to "Repair" tab.
Step 4
Select the large Outlook PST file as the source PST file to be repaired:
Select PST File to be Repaired

You can input the PST file name directly or click the Browse for Source PST File button to browse and select the file. You may also click the Find Source PST File button to find the PST file to be processed on the local computer.

Step 5

If you know the Outlook version of the source PST file, then you can specify it in the combo box Select Source PST Format beside the source file edit box, possible formats are Outlook 97-2002 and Outlook 2003-2010. If you leave the format as "Auto Determined", then DataNumen Outlook Repair will scan the source PST file to determine its format automatically. However, this will take additional time.

Step 6

By default, when DataNumen Outlook Repair scans and splits the large file into several smaller ones, the first splitted file is named xxxx_fixed.pst, the second one is xxxx_fixed_1.pst, the third one is xxxx_fixed_2.pst, and so on, where xxxx is the name of the source large PST file. For example, for source large PST file Outlook.pst, by default, the first splitted file will be Outlook_fixed.pst, and the second will be Outlook_fixed_1.pst, and the third will be Outlook_fixed_2.pst, etc..

If you want to use another name, then please select or set it accordingly:

Select Fixed PST File Name

You can input the fixed file name directly or click the Browse for Destination PST File button to browse and select the fixed file name.

Step 7

You can select the format of the output splitted PST file in the combo box Select Fixed PST Format beside the splitted file edit box , possible formats are Outlook 97-2002 and Outlook 2003-2010. If you leave the format as "Auto Determined", then DataNumen Outlook Repair will generate the fixed PST file compatible with the Outlook installed on the local computer.

Step 8

Click the "Start Repair" button, and DataNumen Outlook Repair will start scanning the source PST file, collecting the items in it, and then putting them into a new splitted PST file whose name is set in Step 6. We will use Outlook_fixed.pst as an example.

When the size of Outlook_fixed.pst reaches the limit preset in Step 2, DataNumen Outlook Repair will create a second new PST file called Outlook_fixed_1.pst, and try to put the remaining items into that file.

When the second file reaches the preset limit too, DataNumen Outlook Repair will create a third new PST file called Outlook_fixed_2.pst to accommodate the remaining items, and so on.

In the process, the progress bar Process Bar
will advance accordingly to indicate the split progress.

After the process, if the source large PST file has been splitted into several smaller new PST files successfully, you will see a message box like this:

Message Box

Step 9 Now you can open the splitted PST files one by one with Microsoft Outlook. And you will find all the items of the original oversized PST file are spreaded among these splitted files.

The demo version will display the following message box to show the success of the split:

Demo Version Message Box

In the new splitted PST files, the contents of the messages and attachments will be replaced with a demo information. Please order the full version to get the actual contents.