When you try to open a corrupted Word document using Microsoft Word 2003, the following error appears:

Word experienced an error trying to open the file.

Try these suggestions.
*Check the file permissions for the document or drive.
*Make sure there is sufficient free memory and disk space.
*Open the file with the Text Recovery converter.

Here’s an example screenshot:

Word experienced an error trying to open the file.

Precise Explanation:

The above error usually indicates that certain parts of your Word document are damaged. When the damage is substantial and Microsoft Word is unable to rectify it, DataNumen Word Repair can help to do the task.

Occasionally, Word might manage to salvage some data from the impaired document, but fail to retrieve the rest. In such situations, DataNumen Word Repair can also recover these data.

Sample File:

A damaged Word document that could trigger the error: Error6_1.doc

The file fixed by DataNumen Word Repair: Error6_1_fixed.doc