Unilever, a Fortune Global 500 and one of the world’s leading consumer goods companies, heavily relies on data analytics for strategic decision-making. Microsoft Access databases are integral to their day-to-day operations, which include everything from product development to sales forecasting and market research. However, the company began experiencing critical issues with database corruption that were affecting their business continuity. DataNumen Access Repair was the solution that not only resolved their immediate issues but also brought long-term benefits.

The Problem

Unilever’s IT infrastructure consists of extensive databases that are constantly accessed and updated by employees across different departments. Over time, they noticed recurrent issues of data corruption in their Access databases. The corruption was causing data loss, decreased efficiency, and workflow disruptions. Due to these complications, the internal IT team was struggling to keep up with troubleshooting and data recovery, all while maintaining their scheduled workload.

Why DataNumen

Unilever recognized the need for a specialized solution that could handle complex recovery tasks while preserving data integrity. In January 2006, they evaluated several market solutions, but DataNumen Access Repair stood out due to its high recovery rate and comprehensive features. It could not only recover data from corrupt MDB and ACCDB databases but also handle large files effortlessly. Moreover, its ability to recover deleted records and work with password-protected databases made it a clear choice for Unilever.

Below is the order (Advanced Access Repair is the former name of DataNumen Access Repair):

Unilever Order

The Implementation

The implementation process was smooth, thanks to DataNumen‘s excellent customer service. After an initial trial period, DataNumen Access Repair was fully integrated into Unilever’s existing database management system. The user-friendly interface allowed the internal IT team to quickly navigate through features and settings, making the whole process efficient.

Early Outcomes

As soon as DataNumen Access Repair was deployed, the IT team ran a diagnostic check on existing databases to identify and repair corrupt files. They were amazed at the speed and efficiency with which the tool operated. The software managed to achieve an astounding 98.7% recovery rate, which was significantly higher than any other solutions they had previously attempted. This immediate success led to a significant decrease in downtime, thereby enhancing operational efficiency across multiple departments.

Long-term Benefits

Over a few months of using DataNumen Access Repair, Unilever saw marked improvements in data integrity and employee productivity. The software’s robustness meant that the IT department was spending less time on database repair and more time on strategic tasks. Plus, the reliability of the databases improved the confidence levels of the employees, leading to a more engaged and productive workforce.

The IT team also appreciated DataNumen‘s regular software updates, which offered better features and security measures, ensuring that they were always equipped with the best tools to handle any database issues.

Financial Impact

Within six months of using DataNumen Access Repair, Unilever reported a 15% increase in operational efficiency. This translated into significant cost savings, given that less time and resources were being invested in troubleshooting and data recovery. It also indirectly led to increased revenues, as teams could focus on growth-centric tasks rather than getting bogged down by operational challenges.


For Unilever, DataNumen Access Repair was more than just a problem-solving tool. It became an integral part of their database management strategy, offering solutions that went beyond immediate fixes to provide long-term benefits. With higher operational efficiency, enhanced data integrity, and reduced overhead costs, Unilever found incredible value in their partnership with DataNumen. They are now exploring other DataNumen products, aiming to further solidify their database management and recovery systems.