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Qualcomm Incorporated, a multinational Fortune 500 semiconductor and telecommunications equipment company, has been at the forefront of digital communication technology for many years. Known for its innovations in wireless communications and data processing, Qualcomm found itself in a challenging situation with data integrity issues. The firm was struggling with frequent file corruptions across multiple MS Office applications. These corruptions threatened the integrity of vital data, causing delays and inefficiencies in the Office automation workflow, hindering productivity and the potential risk of substantial financial loss.

To tackle this problem, Qualcomm decided to incorporate DataNumen Office Repair, formerly called Advanced Office Repair, a cutting-edge data recovery suite. Here, we explore the implementation process, the challenges encountered, and the subsequent benefits realized by Qualcomm.


The ongoing digitalization and high interdependence of different departments within Qualcomm necessitated the constant exchange of Microsoft Office files. In many instances, employees found themselves dealing with corrupted Office files, leading to the loss of essential data. Office file corruption incidents led to significant downtime as IT tried to restore the information, causing project delays and potential data loss.


DataNumen, the world leader in data recovery technologies, offered Qualcomm the Office Repair product – a powerful suite of recovery tools that could repair corrupted MS Office files and recover the maximum amount of data, reducing potential loss.


The deployment of DataNumen Office Repair was done in phases. The IT department was first equipped with the software to understand its functionality and integration with existing systems. Below is the order for the first phrase:

Qualcomm Order 1

After comprehensive training and several successful trials, the software was gradually introduced to different departments. Below is the order for the second phrase:

Qualcomm Order 2

DataNumen worked closely with Qualcomm throughout the process, ensuring the software was adapted to meet the company’s specific needs, a testament to DataNumen‘s commitment to personalized customer service.


DataNumen Office Repair delivered impressive results:

  1. Data recovery: The software managed to recover a high percentage of data from corrupted files, thereby reducing data loss to the minimum. This helped Qualcomm maintain the integrity of its critical files.
  2. Efficiency: DataNumen Office Repair reduced the time spent on recovering corrupted files, thereby enhancing efficiency. The employees no longer had to worry about data loss from corrupted files and could focus on their tasks, leading to improved productivity.
  3. Cost saving: By reducing downtime and improving productivity, Qualcomm saved a significant amount in operational costs. The return on investment was seen within the first few months of implementing DataNumen Office Repair.
  4. Employee satisfaction: The solution was well received by the employees, as it reduced the stress associated with data loss and increased confidence in the integrity of their work.


Qualcomm’s adoption of DataNumen Office Repair showcases the potential of specialized data recovery solutions in improving operational efficiency and maintaining data integrity. Qualcomm was able to solve a significant problem that had been affecting its productivity and efficiency. Today, Qualcomm continues to use DataNumen Office Repair as a critical component of its data management strategy, setting a standard in data recovery and integrity maintenance for other high-tech companies worldwide.

The success of this implementation demonstrates how powerful tools like DataNumen Office Repair can significantly enhance an organization’s data management and recovery strategy, reaffirming DataNumen’s status as a leading solution provider in the data recovery industry.