Delete Outlook Emails and Objects by Mistake:

When you delete an email or other object in Outlook, by clicking the “Del” button, then it will be moved to the “Deleted Items” folder. You can restore it by simply going to the “Deleted Items” folder, finding the email you want, and moving it back to its original position or other normal folders.

However, if you remove the item with “Ctrl-Del”, or you remove the item from the “Deleted Items” folder, then the item are removed from Outlook permanently. The only way to recover it is to use our product DataNumen Outlook Repair, which can solve the problem like a breeze, as follows:

  1. Select the Outlook PST file where some items are deleted permanently as the source PST file to be repaired.
  2. Set the output fixed PST file name if necessary.
  3. Repair the source Outlook PST file. DataNumen Outlook Repair will scan and undelete the deleted items.
  4. After the repair process, you can use Outlook to open the fixed PST file and find all the deleted items are restored to the locations where they are permanently deleted. For example, if you use “Ctrl-Del” button to permanently delete an email from “Inbox” folder, then DataNumen Outlook Repair will restore it back to the “Inbox” folder after the recovery process. If you use “Del” button to delete this email from “Inbox” folder, and then permanently delete it from the “Deleted Items” folder, then after the recovery, it will be restored to “Deleted Items” folder.


  1. If you cannot find the items in the locations where they are permanently deleted, then you can try to find them with the following methods:
    1.1 Find them in the “Recovered_Groupxxx” folders. The deleted items may be treated as lost & found items, which are recovered and put in folders called “Recovered_Groupxxx” in the fixed PST file.
    1.2 If you know some properties of the wanted items, for example, the subject of the email, some keywords in the email body, etc., then you can take these properties as the search criterias, and use the Outlook search function to search for the wanted items in the whole fixed PST file. Sometimes, the deleted items may be recovered and put in other folders or folders with arbitrary names. With the Outlook search function, you can easily find them.
  2. You may notice duplicate undeleted items in the “Recovered_Groupxxx” folders. Please just ignore them. Because when Outlook deletes an item, it will make some duplicate copies implicitly. DataNumen Outlook Repair is so powerful that it can recover these implicit copies as well and treat them as lost & found items, which are recovered and put in folders called “Recovered_Groupxxx” in the fixed PST file.

Sample File:

Sample PST file where an email with the subject “Welcome to Microsoft Office Outlook 2003” is deleted permanently. Outlook_del.pst

The file recovered by DataNumen Outlook Repair, in which the deleted email is restored to its original position “Inbox” folder: Outlook_del_fixed.pst