Monsanto, a Fortune 500 and global agricultural company focused on sustainable agriculture and empowering farmers, had been leveraging Microsoft Access databases to manage a wide array of data. Their databases contained critical information ranging from crop research findings to sales data. Over the years, as their data grew more extensive and complex, the stability and reliability of these databases became paramount.

The Challenge

On a Monday morning in 2012 March, one of Monsanto’s primary research databases faced an unexpected corruption. This database held years of research data, analytics, and vital intellectual property that underpinned many of their innovative products. The immediate realization of the potential loss was catastrophic for the team.

The IT team, initially trying to restore from backups, discovered to their dismay that the most recent backup had also been corrupted. Panic set in as they realized the last uncorrupted backup was nearly two months old, meaning two months of critical research data were at risk.


Given the gravity of the situation, the Monsanto IT team scoured the market for a solution that could help repair the database. Upon recommendation from a trusted IT consultant, they landed on DataNumen Access Repair, formerly called Advanced Access Repair.

With its robust feature set and impressive testimonials, DataNumen Access Repair seemed like the perfect tool to address Monsanto’s dire predicament. The IT team immediately purchased and downloaded the software and began the recovery process.

Below is the order:

Monsanto Order

The Process

DataNumen Access Repair is designed with a user-friendly interface. The Monsanto IT team could quickly select the corrupted file and begin the repair process. As the repair started, the software provided real-time progress and logs, allowing the team to monitor the process easily.

Within a few hours, DataNumen Access Repair had scanned, diagnosed, and begun the recovery of the vast database. The software’s algorithm not only managed to repair the file’s structure but also retrieved critical data that seemed to be lost forever.


By the end of the day, the software had successfully repaired the corrupted database, recovering over 98% of the seemingly lost data. The Monsanto team could access the recovered database seamlessly, with minimal data discrepancy.

The relief that DataNumen Access Repair brought to the Monsanto team was immeasurable. Not only did it save months of research and potential financial setbacks, but it also protected the company’s reputation, ensuring that project timelines remained undisturbed.

Feedback from Monsanto

Following the successful recovery, Monsanto’s CTO remarked, “The efficiency and effectiveness of DataNumen Access Repair have been a game-changer for us. This software not only saved invaluable research data but also reinforced our trust in tools that prioritize data integrity. We’re now implementing a policy to have DataNumen tools on hand for any such emergencies in the future.”


Data challenges can strike even the most prepared organizations, as evidenced by Monsanto’s unexpected database corruption. However, with the right tools at your disposal, recovery is not just a possibility, but a guarantee. DataNumen Access Repair proved to be the lifeline Monsanto needed in a critical moment, showcasing the importance of robust, reliable, and efficient data recovery tools in today’s digital age.

In light of their experience, Monsanto is now looking into other products from DataNumen to ensure they are equipped with the best tools to handle any unforeseen data challenges in the future.